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Blood Over the Rainbow

Jun 19, 2016


I wrote this last week in response to the terrible tragedy in Orlando People excitedly prepare Ready for their night out to party Of what’s to come they’re unaware Will anybody ever be truly free? Happy faces went out that night But not for long sad to say For their was a monster out of […]

And the Stars Look Very Different Today

Jan 11, 2016


Woke to the news that a Starman was taken away Heard him in my Absolute Beginner days Ziggy Stardust and his Spiders from Mars How Changes were made throughout his past He sang about Modern Love and China Girl Let’s Dance he said, how we did twirl Is there Life on Mars he wanted to […]

Chasing Stars

Dec 31, 2015


*For Monica, Michelle, Estelle and all the family. This is for you and your beloved Max So my dear friend You have now gone Left us for the stars Whilst we behind are left bereft Left with broken hearts You were our companion Our best friend and more besides Whilst you are no longer here […]

Down in Brighton Town

Dec 5, 2015


I am not political as such Yet liberal to a point am I We all have our limits But down in Brighton town You can be anyone you want Nobody bats an eyelid This friendly place warm A smile here, a twinkle there Content your soul feels Full of eccentric people Creative juices flow Down […]

Something in the Stars

Sep 13, 2015


*I read my stars/horoscope today (I’m a Taurus and yes I know, they’re fanciful but I find that they sometimes help in my decisions on what I am already thinking anyway where those close to me cannot or will not help. Sometimes it takes a stranger to guide you to where you need to be […]


May 4, 2015


Here he goes again, listening to their troubles and woes All the problems under the sun they think with them, anything goes What problems though do they have he asks himself? For to him it’s all self-made if they want the truth? He listens to them wide and far they the open book Keeping quiet […]


Apr 6, 2015


Time waits for no-one they say Ain’t it true these past few days Gone in the blink of an eye Never enough time as time flies by Everything builds like a crescendo As you wonder where you’ll go? Frustrations rise ready to explode You just want to be free, to unload! Time waits for no-one […]

Twilight Eyes

Apr 3, 2015


In a pub she met him, overlooking the sea People were crowded around, relaxed and happy to be There he was, on his own, sitting by the window view Looking at the water, he cuts a lonely figure too She wonders whether to go over to him, talk to him But friends she’s with, and […]


Apr 3, 2015


A long day I had No time to myself All work and no play Well, with a child did I later As my head grew heavy From the day’s length Waking in the dark And leaving in the same I was meant to be out With friends that night But loyalty got in the way […]

The Daily Grind

Feb 15, 2015


So another weekend has pretty much passed Already my eyes to the next one cast Anything but face another week of drudgery Hoping it will finally set me free? The nine to five is not for me Nor a life trapped in conformity Paying bills week in and week out Where nothing changes in this […]