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Grim Reapers All

Mar 23, 2020


A few stragglers walk the streets Some avoid all they meet Whilst most stay in, safely locked away Others not listening to what government’s say The sun shines bright, Spring arrived Temptation to mingle, to feel alive But carriers all, potentially are we Grim Reapers all, death we take to thee We don’t learn, until […]

Blood Over the Rainbow

Jun 19, 2016


I wrote this last week in response to the terrible tragedy in Orlando People excitedly prepare Ready for their night out to party Of what’s to come they’re unaware Will anybody ever be truly free? Happy faces went out that night But not for long sad to say For their was a monster out of […]

Distant Memory

Aug 29, 2015


*The following poem is dedicated to Palmyra and its heroic retired antiquities chief Khaled al-Asaad who was beheaded by ISIL after being tortured for a month to get information about the city and its treasures, refusing to give any information to his captors and ultimately lost his life for it. May he always be remembered […]

The Madness of the Many

Sep 7, 2014


Thoughts tumbling around Fighting one another Vying to be heard Screaming for silence For one voice But the multitude will not be still Oh for sweet silence To think clearly With direction With heart A single strong voice Instead of the cacophony and the madness of the many

Lost in Time

Aug 23, 2014


So twelve have gone Lives long lived Many adventure’s told Much did I give Not from selfish needs Or some inner fear I did all I did To save all from outer-sphere Monsters deep in your soul And ones without I shall never give in Without a word or doubt I’ll never leave you alone […]

One Hundred Years ago

Aug 5, 2014


One hundred years ago war was declared As many from far and wide were called upon to defend Postman, Milkmen, farmers and more Left for the battlefields of Mons, unknowing, unsure Some were kids no more than sixteen Nothing could prepare them for all they’d see A living nightmare would they encounter The battle, closer, […]

Spy Hole

Jul 28, 2014


Noises outside the door Scratching sounds Footsteps Deep breathing You go to the door Listening Worried It seems to have stopped You think to open the door But don’t Instead you decide on something else You move to the spy hole Prepared to look out To see But something sees you An eye stares back […]

Camden Town

Mar 17, 2014


In Camden town there is a clown Who’s crazy days are wild This clown never seems to frown Not that you’d notice, his manner mild Games to play he has in store Anticipation he does feel It’s his rules, his clown law Everyone knows the deal He won’t stray from his plan This path he […]

Bats in the Belfry

Sep 18, 2013


Not quite there is he slightly bonkers but free Living in a world of make-believe more than just bats in the belfry Whilst people walk straight in line he’ll walk out of time Not in tune with others of his kind yet he seems to do just fine Whilst people think him nuts others think […]


Jul 28, 2013


Screams, oh ye gods the screams! they ring in my mind forever it seems. The memories won’t leave me be of that battle I cannot be free I saw men hacked to death leaving families bereft As sword reigned down on all cutting a swathe like trees did fall I saw arms cut clean and […]