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Dec 6, 2015


The silent dawn greets tired souls Not a thing stirs out in the chill of dawn Rough sleepers snug tight in their sleeping bags No birdsong their alarm clock this morn Some up to prepare for Sundays roast Kitchens hot with their toil This a day of rest for many Whilst others work to pay […]

Blood Moon

Sep 27, 2015


I have just watched the moon rise as if an illusion from my window in no time at all A blink of an eye! Full, fat and ready to go red! Blood Moon splits the sky across a canvass of blue black The artist a mad genius gone into overdrive People speak of foreboding Their […]

Wish Upon a Star

Dec 28, 2014


On Christmas eve I wished upon a star On Christmas day, the day went far On Boxing day the day was a repeat On the same theme with little treats The New Year approaches in haste With it a new canvas to paint Old dreams repackaged again As we try many other attempts All you […]

Divine Wind

Nov 22, 2014


This poem is based on an article I read on the National Geographic website which you can read here The fleet set sail on calm waters Full of the arrogance of the conqueror For all had fell before their might The Japanese would now fall to their sword But the people of the east had […]

Dawn’s First Light

Oct 11, 2014


The Trident Hotel in my beloved Kinsale set me a challenge to write a poem to match the picture below. Visit John Collins photography here and please visit the wonderful Trident Hotel and Kinsale as soon as possible. You will not regret it. The mist creeps across the harbour walls Across the water enveloping all […]

Time Wished Away

Oct 3, 2014


October is a month I do love and dread Halloween and birthdays so many a head Then days later there is Guy Fawkes night Fireworks go bang, giving cats and dogs a fright Shops and television advertise Christmas early Money go in, money goes out listening to the blarney October till January the fastest of […]

Summer’s Death

Aug 24, 2014


Summer’s death in autumn’s embrace As Mother Nature cries tears of change Winters’ icy claws prepare to play Catching all unawares On darkest days Summer’s death is Autumn’s gain Falls the last of the Summer rain

The Storm

Aug 20, 2014


Deep in sleep, in dreams in what feels like an eternity Lost from reality from its troubles And then great flashes of light invade those dreams Like stars close up pure blinding whiteness Quickly followed by a rumble then a loud roar Like explosions in a warzone thunder making itself known This itself is chased […]

Anger of the Gods

Aug 10, 2014


Moody skies On a summer’s day Grumbles from the heavens A God stamping about Or fighting amongst themselves? Grey clouds rush by Chased by thunder Thor’s Hammer striking down In anger Hear its cry! Hear his! The Gods will not let up Shall not back down! Rolling clouds of emotion Stomp past above Striking awe […]

Before the Cock Crows

Aug 1, 2014


Awake before the cock crows As red’s and orange’s split the sky In an image as if done by hand A Picasso spreads the canvas wide The heat rises in the day Taking the breath from you The struggle to concentrate high As the sun beats you with its rays Little kids stay under shelter […]