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Blood Moon

Sep 27, 2015


I have just watched the moon rise as if an illusion from my window in no time at all A blink of an eye! Full, fat and ready to go red! Blood Moon splits the sky across a canvass of blue black The artist a mad genius gone into overdrive People speak of foreboding Their […]

Divine Wind

Nov 22, 2014


This poem is based on an article I read on the National Geographic website which you can read here The fleet set sail on calm waters Full of the arrogance of the conqueror For all had fell before their might The Japanese would now fall to their sword But the people of the east had […]

Down in the Woods

Sep 17, 2014


‘Tis a dark and still night Not a sound disturbs the air Nor a whisper in the trees Nowt stirs in the wooded lair Yet shadows crawl and twist Bending around trees That reach and claw outwards In silent screams Something is alive in there But none can see Something moves and watches Wanting to […]


Aug 31, 2014


She stares out into darkest night Listening to the stillness The tree’s skeletal frame Naked before her, standing guard A Raven sits on its branches, waiting Watching her from its beady eye As the moon glowers down Half hidden in shadow On one of its kingdoms His smile bemused yet cynical For it has seen […]

Lost in Time

Aug 23, 2014


So twelve have gone Lives long lived Many adventure’s told Much did I give Not from selfish needs Or some inner fear I did all I did To save all from outer-sphere Monsters deep in your soul And ones without I shall never give in Without a word or doubt I’ll never leave you alone […]


Aug 19, 2014


*I’ve played around with the following poem for a while now, debating whether to put it up or not? The last couple of verses were just added today, the rest some weeks ago. I hope that you like it. I stand alone in the mountains Looking at the emptiness Thinking on all that went before […]

Anger of the Gods

Aug 10, 2014


Moody skies On a summer’s day Grumbles from the heavens A God stamping about Or fighting amongst themselves? Grey clouds rush by Chased by thunder Thor’s Hammer striking down In anger Hear its cry! Hear his! The Gods will not let up Shall not back down! Rolling clouds of emotion Stomp past above Striking awe […]

Battle Fury

Jul 29, 2014


Like a storm cloud is he His anger like thunder His roar resounds in battle Scaring many asunder His rage red as blood As that which flows from the dead His vision fixed on his enemies Themselves filled with dread He slashes with sword Cutting a swathe like grass Many a head does roll And […]

Under a Willow Tree

Jul 29, 2014


A warm sticky day greets many a soul The sun beating down on lazy days A woman sits under a tree Willows drinking from the canal She sits reading a book Lost in its story on an adventure The shade cools her brow The branches sway in the breeze Calming her soul resting her mind […]

Spy Hole

Jul 28, 2014


Noises outside the door Scratching sounds Footsteps Deep breathing You go to the door Listening Worried It seems to have stopped You think to open the door But don’t Instead you decide on something else You move to the spy hole Prepared to look out To see But something sees you An eye stares back […]