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Return of the Lobsters

Jul 15, 2013


And they’re back these lobsters red From side to side they move like the dead Crab-like and snapping still Yet more sun they need to feel Like a drug it is to them These lobsters back on the beach again Some on grass soaking up rays Burning their flesh most of the day These lobsters […]


Jul 14, 2013


Lobsters melting in their chairs Boiling away these lobsters red Lobsters snapping angrily away As the heat continues in the day Lobsters, lobsters everywhere Everywhere do lobsters flesh they bare Cooking, crisping flaking away These lobsters redden every day Do these lobsters for themselves not care?

Brazen Head Blues

Jun 30, 2013


Ahh, he sighs as he sits in the Brazen Head Dublin’s oldest pub where James Joyce drank it’s said Not a far walk from St James’ Gate Where he’s destined for in fate He sits and drinks the black liquid happily Listening to the band play Irish Rover merrily For the tourists and the happy […]


Jun 24, 2013


Mwahaha he does say Mwahaha games to play Mwahaha he does laugh Mwahaha this crazy giraffe Mwahaha lot’s to do Mwahaha he’s never blue Mwahaha he does stride Mwahaha his a crazy mind Mwahaha he looks on Mwahaha now not long Mwahaha he grins wide Mwahaha as the bells chimed Mwahaha now is the time […]

A Womble Changed My Life

Mar 18, 2013


*The following is my homage to a brilliant children’s TV series from when I was a kid and I believe is still popular now. They were originally books written in the 70’s or earlier by Elisabeth Beresford and I recommend them if you have kids or know someone that does. They’re all about conservation and […]

The Folly of George the Belly

Mar 17, 2013


George the Belly was a funny old soul Gambling on the horses, sports with a hole Flies on a wall even did he How fast could someone drink their tea The pub and the bookies was where he lived Spending his money on this did he give Not on his wife as she always nagged […]


Jan 11, 2013


Many secrets has she Some would find hard to believe Some embarrassing, others dark They belong in the past They’re not who she is now Yet sometimes they scream out loud Will they not leave her be Or indeed set her free? (Chorus) Skeletons in the cupboard Is what they are Never from her these […]

Barney McGrew

Jan 9, 2013


Barney McGrew was a funny chap Had far too many mishaps No matter what he tried Always felt he was fried He thought on the positive side From the bad he would hide Or at least if he could Keeping spirits high for good But fate and old enemy of his Playing with his darkest […]

The Unreliable Mr Fisk

Dec 10, 2012


So he’s done it again has Mr Fisk Not turned up for work, he was missed Three times now in as many weeks What’s he playing at? Got some cheek (Chorus) Lets down his friends in many ways Over the years and past few days Lets down everyone with broken promises and lies, Oh why […]

Stuff to Do

Dec 8, 2012


Just a little ditty I do write As I look outside As a sunny sight Much stuff to do People to see Places to go Somewhere to be So off I go To do these things Adiós amigo Outside I’ll be