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Reunited Once Again

May 28, 2017


It’s been mere days now since she was taken On swift wings by angels above Reunited once again With her one and only true love She’s left behind many a broken heart Some never got to say goodbye But her spirit lives on in them all So remember this when you cry One of a […]

Sit and Stare

October 20, 2015


So I sit and stare Melting away as if but a dream I sit and drift My life parts in a sieve Falling away Falling away I see you but you not me What can I say, But I dream I drift, flutter away spread as if a dream But you never see Oh I […]

Eternally Entwined

October 18, 2015


*For Hana and Russ. Congratulations my friends… Your destiny long since laid Your story long since written Your path set for eternal horizons A sunset and sunrise dance around your being Your souls eternally entwined Like roots growing from the earth Mother nature nurtures your love Embracing, protecting your hearts And then this long awaited […]

Something in the Stars

September 13, 2015


*I read my stars/horoscope today (I’m a Taurus and yes I know, they’re fanciful but I find that they sometimes help in my decisions on what I am already thinking anyway where those close to me cannot or will not help. Sometimes it takes a stranger to guide you to where you need to be […]

Fire and Ice

August 22, 2015


So I reside in fire and ice My heart split in two Daemons claw and fight My soul they devour true This inner rage burns Hot, its flame roars The heat rises in a crescendo My temperature soars And yet my heart burns cold too Icy tendrils clutch about My emotions raw with turmoil No-one […]

What is Love?

August 22, 2015


What is love but an illusion A hole to fill, insecurity Not quite real and yet you believe ’tis been the way of dreamers A dream out of reach Something you awake from A deep slumber An illusion Just an illusion This fantasy This phantom dream

If Only I had a Time Machine

August 22, 2015


I sit typing my life away Dreaming of all I could be Looking back on my past As far as the mind can see I shake my head in sadness At all that has gone on by Many opportunities wasted It’s no wonder inside I cry What with bills to pay, food on the table […]