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Reversal of Mind

December 5, 2015


We are born innocent Learning as we grow Right and wrong The in-between The line we all tow But do we ever learn Or is our state reversed? Decisions made Too late to change Or is it we ask But committed now are we In for a penny Gather the pounds But at what cost […]


November 14, 2015


Paris, the city of light and enlightenment The city of love and art Oh how we weep for the lost Those taken from the light Ripped from it in a horrendous way Peace and light over murderous hate The people won’t bow down to monsters! All stand as one All stand together Against the cowardly […]

Distant Memory

August 29, 2015


*The following poem is dedicated to Palmyra and its heroic retired antiquities chief Khaled al-Asaad who was beheaded by ISIL after being tortured for a month to get information about the city and its treasures, refusing to give any information to his captors and ultimately lost his life for it. May he always be remembered […]


April 25, 2015


A noble king leaves his land To go to Jerusalem To fight in a holy crusade With spear, shield and blade Whilst his people are left behind Ruled by his brother unkind A legend will spring up whilst away Of a Hooded Man that will live for many days So the Lionheart enters desert lands […]


January 14, 2015


*Based on the brilliant haiku by Sumyth which you can view here along with his other fantastic work. Enemies stare across the field Each waiting to make the first move The ordinary soldiers, the pawns The first line of defence and attack Whilst the Knights stood guard Protecting their King and Queen Behind their Castle […]

Divine Wind

November 22, 2014


This poem is based on an article I read on the National Geographic website which you can read here The fleet set sail on calm waters Full of the arrogance of the conqueror For all had fell before their might The Japanese would now fall to their sword But the people of the east had […]

Under A Different Moon

November 15, 2014


He sailed out to sea early in the day On a mission is his ship, months he could be away To fight the forces of the French and the Spanish To send them packing across the sea to banish As he left that cold morning on the docks He looked to the window, by the […]