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Beacons of Light

Sep 11, 2019


Eighteen years have passed since the twins fell In which nineteen hijackers went to hell Two thousand nine hundred and seventy-seven died As many millions looked on and cried We all remember where we were As the news was heard Never forgotten those who lost their lives Remembered by many throughout time Through these Beacons […]

Blood Over the Rainbow

Jun 19, 2016


I wrote this last week in response to the terrible tragedy in Orlando People excitedly prepare Ready for their night out to party Of what’s to come they’re unaware Will anybody ever be truly free? Happy faces went out that night But not for long sad to say For their was a monster out of […]

Flowers and Rainbows

Jan 6, 2016


*For all in America who want the National Rifle Association wiped from existence and guns along with them that hold no place in a modern, peaceful and civilised society. Read today how one tried to hold back the tide But from the hate he cannot hide From those who wallow in misery and blinkered views […]


Dec 6, 2015


The silent dawn greets tired souls Not a thing stirs out in the chill of dawn Rough sleepers snug tight in their sleeping bags No birdsong their alarm clock this morn Some up to prepare for Sundays roast Kitchens hot with their toil This a day of rest for many Whilst others work to pay […]

Reversal of Mind

Dec 5, 2015


We are born innocent Learning as we grow Right and wrong The in-between The line we all tow But do we ever learn Or is our state reversed? Decisions made Too late to change Or is it we ask But committed now are we In for a penny Gather the pounds But at what cost […]

Down in Brighton Town

Dec 5, 2015


I am not political as such Yet liberal to a point am I We all have our limits But down in Brighton town You can be anyone you want Nobody bats an eyelid This friendly place warm A smile here, a twinkle there Content your soul feels Full of eccentric people Creative juices flow Down […]

I Become

Dec 4, 2015


I become what you dread in life Yet you fight me with an invisible knife! You slash at my heart with jealous glee Will you ever set our souls free? This cannot go on any more It is hitting me to the core Is it no wonder I look afar Somewhere I can rest my […]


Nov 14, 2015


Paris, the city of light and enlightenment The city of love and art Oh how we weep for the lost Those taken from the light Ripped from it in a horrendous way Peace and light over murderous hate The people won’t bow down to monsters! All stand as one All stand together Against the cowardly […]

Sit and Stare

Oct 20, 2015


So I sit and stare Melting away as if but a dream I sit and drift My life parts in a sieve Falling away Falling away I see you but you not me What can I say, But I dream I drift, flutter away spread as if a dream But you never see Oh I […]

Parades and Banners

Oct 11, 2015


*The following is not about one group, but all who strive for equality but fail in their cause in the end through pushing those aside who they have tried to gain as allies in their cause. I’m not interested in your colour Your Sexuality Your politics Your parades and banners Your closed-nit groups Or your […]