Flowers and Rainbows

Posted on Jan 6, 2016


*For all in America who want the National Rifle Association wiped from existence and guns along with them that hold no place in a modern, peaceful and civilised society.

Gun has Five Outrageous Anti-NRA Cartoons - Eagle Rising

Gun has Five Outrageous Anti-NRA Cartoons – Eagle Rising

Read today how one tried to
hold back the tide
But from the hate he
cannot hide
From those who wallow
in misery and blinkered
Life unimportant, easy to lose

The constant fight against
fear and ignorance
Holds no argument against fact
and fiction
How much blood will be spilled
before enough is enough?
When will you wake up to this
wrong? Maybe a friend’s blood?

No such thing as flowers
and rainbows in this rain
Only the profit of death
cut down like grass again and again
I feel sorry for those
that refuse to see
Why won’t they open their
eyes and see their country bleed?

Ban the gun, halve the
Find other ways to solve
issues, a new momentum
Before the Reaper comes
The devil already holding
a Kalashnikov, selling and a-calling

*If interested in anti-NRA sites then there are many online but these are two I have found here and this one on Facebook here. God luck with your endeavours in the fight against them for they are a stubborn bunch and quite nasty in some cases too.

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