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One Drop

May 8, 2016


Not one drop Did I miss Not one drop Did pass my lips Not one drop Of beautiful Guinness But one drop Wouldn’t go amiss… *Note: And yes, I am sure I have had a drink with this Squirrel at some point or three?

A Taste of Home

Dec 4, 2015


Oh Ballymaloe more than a food Of emotions do you taste! A tear now does fall This, my Ballymaloe Relish is your call A taste of Ireland true Of home it comes to you Of family, friends it sings Of Dunmanaway, Kinsale, Carrigaline! Oh happy memories In your taste A taste of home And more […]

The Smell of Memories

Nov 11, 2014


The smell of Welsh Rarebit wafts up the stairs As I sit stomach rumbling on my chair The cheese bubbling away under the grill My mouth watering for this food still The smell reminds of good times in Éire Where I lived and knew who looked back in the mirror Above a bookies did I […]

Changing Tide

Oct 29, 2014


I heard today how change sadly has come Under a golden harbour sun That much has been lost, sold away Whilst some have been left to decay Winter comes to close the summer season Along with shops and bars with sad reason The town now full of wraiths No-one out now to play Price wars […]

If Éire Be My Wife, Then Caledonia Be My Lover

Oct 25, 2014


If Éire be my wife, then Caledonia be my lover A temptress of beauty like no other She leads me astray all over her curves From the mountains, the islands, the sea and surf A wildness comes over me when I embrace her An animal instinct long buried, now to serve She teaches me something […]

Dawn’s First Light

Oct 11, 2014


The Trident Hotel in my beloved Kinsale set me a challenge to write a poem to match the picture below. Visit John Collins photography here and please visit the wonderful Trident Hotel and Kinsale as soon as possible. You will not regret it. The mist creeps across the harbour walls Across the water enveloping all […]

Sail Away

Oct 11, 2014


The sun beats down on a quiet beach As gulls call and the sea does beseech A lone woman and her dog walk on by As the gulls continue their shrill cry A man watches in the calm alone At peace here but never at home Everything makes sense by the sea He feels renewed […]

Oh For It To Be So

Aug 23, 2014


Oh for big skies and soaring mountains Stretching to the stars and beyond And for endless seas that whisper of adventure The white horses snatching them away Of a small harbour town in the West Its music and people its beating heart And a dream to be something better To still the roaring in this […]

Battle Fury

Jul 29, 2014


Like a storm cloud is he His anger like thunder His roar resounds in battle Scaring many asunder His rage red as blood As that which flows from the dead His vision fixed on his enemies Themselves filled with dread He slashes with sword Cutting a swathe like grass Many a head does roll And […]

Brazen Head Blues

Jun 30, 2013


Ahh, he sighs as he sits in the Brazen Head Dublin’s oldest pub where James Joyce drank it’s said Not a far walk from St James’ Gate Where he’s destined for in fate He sits and drinks the black liquid happily Listening to the band play Irish Rover merrily For the tourists and the happy […]