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Dec 15, 2015


Today a humble hero goes into space To the ISS he will live through three seasons Watching the world spin below As we watch in rapt awe This Starman goes where many have gone before He not the first Briton up there either Yet history is made this day As he sits and waits for […]

Eternally Entwined

Oct 18, 2015


*For Hana and Russ. Congratulations my friends… Your destiny long since laid Your story long since written Your path set for eternal horizons A sunset and sunrise dance around your being Your souls eternally entwined Like roots growing from the earth Mother nature nurtures your love Embracing, protecting your hearts And then this long awaited […]

Happy New Year

Jan 1, 2015


Happy new year one and all I wish you happiness in all you do Luck and dreams to inspire and delight No more hardship, no more fights Go out there and fulfil your dreams Better to have tried that sitting by the stream Watching them flow by in a gentle rush Hearing their voices lower […]

Wish Upon a Star

Dec 28, 2014


On Christmas eve I wished upon a star On Christmas day, the day went far On Boxing day the day was a repeat On the same theme with little treats The New Year approaches in haste With it a new canvas to paint Old dreams repackaged again As we try many other attempts All you […]

Perfect Day

Nov 16, 2014


Halfway through November, a grey sky in pain Yet she awoke afresh, determined to change The past now to sleep laid to bed The future is calling in her head So out of bed she flies in a cheery mood Under the shower then a drink and food Today she’s going to push himself harder […]

Forever Autumn

Nov 11, 2014


An autumnal day as leaves do fall Kids kicking conkers on their way to school A chilly bite as people wrap up warm Cold evening’s and fresh dawns Fireworks explode in the night sky Spreading colourful displays up high And lights from homes warmly glow A welcome warmth in cottage windows Where hearths no doubt […]

In a Canalside Pub

Jul 29, 2014


I wrote this in one of my favourite pubs nearby called the Rising Sun, a place you should all visit if in the Hertfordshire area. The summer crowds gather In sticky summer heat Outside the pub Some in sandalled feet Drinks in hand they chatter About things high and low Some watching the boats As […]