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Broken Britain?

Sep 9, 2014


Is Britain and the United Kingdom on the Verge of Splitting? Britain. A land of myth and legend, of war and peace, of invaders and settlers. It has the fastest growing language in the world and has spread its influence almost everywhere through culture and language. Famous writers include Shakespeare,Rabbie Burns, and Dylan Thomas, to […]


Jun 23, 2014


All he sees is a bloodied mess Bodies twisted, broken and torn Crows feeding off the dead Off the lost and forlorn He looks about in shocked dismay Saddened by what he sees What lengths does humankind go to In the pursuit of power and glory Using others as pawns in their games The fallout […]

St. George, the Dragon and Patriotism

Apr 23, 2014


Saint George‘s Day, a day when England shows its pride in being English and everything England. The day always brings a smile to my face every year at all the so-called patriotism of those people who ‘celebrate’ this day and the irony of it all. The same goes for St Patrick and Ireland as he […]

The Last Battle

Dec 29, 2013


*The third and final part of the Pendragon trilogy Swords clash and ring out loud as they mingle with screams and shouts Blood flows and spatters wide as from the horrors, no-one can hide The Knights fight for honour and glory and for their King to continue his story But they know something is amiss […]

The Battle of Badon

Dec 29, 2013


*Part two of the Pendragon trilogy The mist shrouds the field of battle but still you can hear the screams of death Of the warriors who fought bravely on dying now with their last breath Badon hill is awash with blood heroes face down, some dead they are Stories will be told generations down told […]

Birth of a King

Dec 29, 2013


*Part one of Pendragon Trilogy Born under a golden sun in a land so fair Was a child so small Born to a dragon’s lair This dragon, a king was he in all but name Fought against his Lord so he could rightly reign Helped by a Druid one so feared by all Who came […]

News Reviews 3

Sep 1, 2013


Ugliest Town in the Britain is… Hemel Hempstead Recently a report in the news named Hemel Hempstead as the ugliest town in Britain. It came from a group called  Crap Towns Returns who do this every year. I had to laugh at this but wasn’t surprised. You see, I was born in the town and […]

As the Arrow Flies

Aug 18, 2013


Running through the woods chased by the sheriff’s men Who are after the Hood that has embarrassed them By stealing from the Prince who would be King That rules with fear, misery he brings But the Hooded Man fights for the repressed Giving back to them what once was theirs A thorn in the side […]

Dawn of Ravens

Jun 24, 2013


The banner gently flaps in the breeze. It’s torn and has no meaning now. The sun has just risen over the horizon and the only sound is the eerie cawing of ravens. Other sounds come then that were inaudible at first. They are the sounds of pain. Of tiredness. Of death. Of defeat. The warrior […]

The Darkest Kiss

Jun 19, 2013


He sees her in the crowd somewhere amongst the rabble A calm among the noisy sounds of music and babble he’s in awe of her a beauty he has never seen In his soul she burns this woman from his dreams Then she turns to look his way directly at him now From across the […]