Broken Britain?

Posted on Sep 9, 2014


The United Kingdom

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Is Britain and the United Kingdom on the Verge of Splitting?

Britain. A land of myth and legend, of war and peace, of invaders and settlers. It has the fastest growing language in the world and has spread its influence almost everywhere through culture and language. Famous writers include Shakespeare,Rabbie Burns, and Dylan Thomas, to name but a few of the literary greats who are known the world over and taught in many schools to eager and not so eager children. Our island has seen some of the greatest inventors and innovators of all time, most of which are taught in schools and universities everywhere.

Yes, it has made many mistakes but show me a country that hasn’t? I was talking to a man from Northern Ireland on Sunday who was chatting about the Scottish Referendum and the world climate before talking about his home town of Derry, his countries political and religious problems and the sadness of lost lives and years from those in power and those that wanted it by any means necessary. He thought sadly at his own loss and told me how his family had no choice in the matter and were forced to walk a different path. He shook his head sadly but said things are a lot more prosperous at home now helped in part by being a part of the United Kingdom which we both found ironic. He now lives in London and has done for many years but has a dream to return home one day.

Britain and the rest of the United Kingdom seems to be at a crossroads of late, unsure of who or what she is? The people have long since given up fighting and just get on with it, keeping their heads down and hoping for the best in a world ruled by the greedy and the selfish. We’re known for being a nice and polite nation, willing to give our last penny to those in need; indeed we’re infamous for it, the English more so, often parodied in film and television in America and beyond.

The United Kingdom as a whole to me is something brilliant and should work well like a consortium of business partners and friends who just want the best for each other; but lately this has changed and there has been a slow process of anger and resentment over the years by those who want more. I cannot pinpoint when this change came about but as I was a child of Thatcher‘s generation and noticed the chaos around me, I would hazard a guess at there. Blair I think pushed us nearer the precipice and the rest have just added to the crumbling cliffs of our once proud island nation and people.

Will Scotland vote YES or NO for on September 18th, 2014?

Will Scotland vote YES or NO for on September 18th, 2014?
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Now it seems it is all falling apart with Scotland wanting independence from the rest of the UK. They vote for it on September 18th 2014, a day that will be long remembered no matter what the outcome. Only the people of Scotland get the vote; the rest of the UK do not get a look in. They have even allowed sixteen year old’s the vote; the Scottish National Party obviously fearing that they would not win without them. Scots living in the rest of the UK are not allowed to participate which I think is unfair. I sit and talk to a few of these on a regular basis. They may have had to move for many reasons, work at the top of the list and have settled here because there were more opportunities than there were in Scotland at the time. Some don’t care either way for they have no wish to return up there whilst others are angry at it and prefer a choice. If this was a different time I guess there would be war between the nations but thankfully that will not be the case.

I can see this going a few ways:

1) Scotland will gain independence and become successful and strong, defying all beliefs, prospering and becoming fat and rich.

2) Scotland will gain independence and will be strong for a few years; about 6 probably, and then it will crumble fast with lack of money, jobs, etc like Ireland did with acceptance of the Euro as well as Spain, Greece, etc.
It will mean no more free university fees, no free NHS prescriptions and so on and so forth. I cannot see it going any other way here.
Depending on what currency they adopt, this could prove to be the make or break of the country. It could mirror other Euro-zone countries. It may do anyway with or without the Euro as money has to come from somewhere. There are no money trees in life contrary to what Salmond tells people (or not as is the case with him).

3) Or they may vote NO but still have changes that will give them the best of both worlds if an acceptable agreement can be reached with the Parliament at Westminster.

You can view the ten main questions here by journalist Simon Heffer. It makes for interesting and worrying reading. Ignore the ‘English’ part as this will affect the whole of the UK and read it as thus. They are not scare tactics but are fact. People need to know fact over fiction and this is where it has failed on both sides of the campaign. People are being shielded from the truth. The truth will out eventually but by then it will be too late.

Whatever happens it will affect us all and may affect business and tourism from the rest of the UK and Europe.

Will we still be linked in many ways beneficial to us all and will we need our passports to cross the border by train, coach or car or even by foot? If so, how are they going to put up a border control across the width of the country and how are they going to police it from those wishing to cross over for a better life? How will immigration be dealt with; a subject that is of hot debate here within the UK at the moment? They are rushing this through without thought for what may happen following a Yes win.

What also of the national debt and their share of it? Will they honour if they win and pay the rest of the UK what they will owe it? Or will they negate on it as Alex Salmond has recently reportedly said? The latter could be hugely disastrous for Scotland and for us all. They also may take their share and pay it off in numerous ways?

Many businesses are panicking with some threatening to leave Scotland and move South of the border. This will obviously leave many out of work depending on if they do and how many it will be?

Act of Union

Act of Union
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I have been trying to move there myself for some time now but I have noticed a steady trickle already of people moving down here before the vote as if they sense something is or will go wrong. And then there are the reports of people being forced out with ‘English go home’ taunts or to that effect. I am concerned that if I do move there and if it’s a Yes, then I could be stuck in a whole heap of mess down the line? Yet on the other hand, it could be brilliant and the best decision of my life. Ireland and Greece are two examples of taking risks.

The problem is that we down here South of the border have been ignored and this is wrong although if we all had the vote, I think they would have got their clear win by miles, even with giving sixteen year old teenagers the vote; something that they cannot do in a general election. It makes you think the reason they did so is that they didn’t trust the adult population to vote Yes. That may be their undoing for not including the rest of the UK, their partners since 1707 on the behest of their Scottish King, King James VI and I.

Article 1 of the Treaty of Union states “That the Two Kingdoms of Scotland and England, shall upon the 1st May next ensuing the date hereof, and forever after, be United into One Kingdom by the Name of GREAT BRITAIN.”

Note the forever after part. The Acts of Union closely followed.

Alex Salmond is going for the ‘Braveheart‘ vote to whip up those patriotic hearts, hoping to be the first president of Scotland or whatever title they, or he may choose. He’s desperate for the ‘crown’ and to be in the history books. If it all goes wrong he’ll say it was the fault of those that voted. If it goes right however, he will bathe in its glory. Either way the Scottish people will pay the price in the end. It is they who will lose out as the people have done throughout history; the politicians profiteering in some way or another. He claims to have their best interests at heart but as I have already said, he only has his own as they all do.

Patriotism is a dangerous thing I believe if handled wrong and it can bring out a deep-rooted nasty side to an otherwise good and clear thinking person and Salmond seems to be goading these people into voting out of the UK and trusting him. I’ve been trawling the internet to look at some of these people he is aiming at and it makes for uncomfortable reading. You don’t have to look far. Just look at the newspapers or Social Networking, you can be sure to find something that leaves a bitter taste in your mouth.

Something that has just come to light is that some are selling their votes for a pound on eBay, probably because they have had enough of the whole thing. It’s obviously not legal to do so and yet I would be surprised if it was. Can you imagine the legality of a Yes vote or vice versa in light of this?

People outside of Edinburgh and Glasgow are concerned only with being treated right, no matter what the outcome. They don’t want to be lied to and here’s the thing, politicians lie. It’s their job. The two big cities are not Scotland and it’s this arrogance that may lose them the vote for the Yes campaign.

If they do go independent then I hope the islands all join together and either vote for a coalition of islands as a whole group so all islands benefit each other, or they try to remain within the UK. The Shetlands have oil in their seas so if they say to Scotland no thanks and go it alone as a consortium of islands or choose to remain in the UK, then Scotland will be up the creek without a paddle.

As for the highlands, I think they will want to stay as we are for now in an uncertain world; in fact, I think a lot do. It’s safer as a whole than going it alone in unknown territory.

And what of Northern Ireland? Will they now want the same? From conversations I have had over there and online, they have no wish to rejoin Ireland, not that they ever truly were anyway. They may want independence of their own? Most are happy to stay within the UK as they get the best of both worlds. Scotland should look at Ireland and see how they’ve fared since 2000 when they accepted the Euro. It hasn’t proved to be a success except for the rich and powerful. The hard-working types on minimum wage are still struggling and probably worse off than before as everything is so expensive. The cost of living is rising faster than wages and it’s only a matter of time before the people say enough is enough. I seriously think we are close to that point now. How can Scotland afford to go it alone with things the way that they are at present? It baffles the hell out of me. It will all be on credit and the people will be paying for it for years to come through taxes. I’m sure that they will be happy with that.

What if Northern Ireland wish to join Scotland? After all they’re more Scots than Irish. What if they and the Scottish islands join forces and become one, each beneficial to the other? Options abound here and can mean disaster for some and success for others.

Scotland and the Scottish people are a magnificent and brilliant people. I love them dearly and wish them well in their future but I fear if they go independent now; probably the worst time to do so in the current economic and world climate, then it could have a knock-on effect that will damage us all, leaving many to regret their actions and others just reaping the rewards no matter what the outcome. They’re the ones to watch out for. What the UK government needs to do is promise them it again in say fifty years if they vote No on September 18th even though it is meant to be a one-off vote.

“But he, knowing their thoughts, said unto them, Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and a house divided against a house falleth.” Luke 11:17

A short while ago Salmond and Darling had their second debate on television and all it did was show how greedy, self-centred and out of touch both politicians were with the people and those they are trying to get to vote for their respective sides. It was disgusting to watch and made me feel ashamed to be sharing the same island with them. Gordon Brown, the former Prime Minister has been brought out with all guns blazing. I never liked him as a Prime Minister, thinking him too cold and calculated, and yet here in support of the Union, he is a giant and a force to be reckoned with. Why he was never brought out earlier and put in charge of the whole thing I have no idea. I think things would be a lot different now and the statistics would be a lot wider.

I for one do not want them to leave, not just yet anyway. I think that they are safer with the rest of the UK for now. This whole thing has turned a good-natured and kind people into something distasteful and people like Salmond and the SNP are responsible for this. There are so many stories now about racism against the English that it makes my stomach churn and I think it will do anyone who has a sense of decency in this world.

Alistair Darling and Alex Salmond

Alistair Darling and Alex Salmond
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It is now too close to call and there is still a percentage of voters left that can turn the tide drastically with women being the main ones left to decide. I don’t envy them at the moment but if it was me doing this then it would be better the devil you know than the one you don’t.

I was ‘speaking’ to a Yes voter online who turned out to be English and he said the only reason he has voted yes is because he has had enough of Westminster and those in charge. So it is a protest vote and nothing more with him and I can only assume that many more are voting with the same thoughts in mind little realising that they are swapping one government who doesn’t listen for another. Why on earth they think that Holyrood will listen in an independent Scotland I have no idea. They will be as bad, if not worse in a few short years to come and will no doubt negate on most, if not all of their promises, but the people are easily fooled and led and that is the hope of the Yes campaign.

I would vote yes probably if things had improved in the world and here in the UK but then if there was improvement what would be the point? We are just a small nation that work very well as a unit. As soon as you split us up then you have the many problems that come with it. I am a wary pragmatist and know if I voted Yes then there would be no turning back. The blame would lie with people like me if it all went wrong. It is a gamble with the lives of ordinary people by the politicians who roll the dice for their own political gain.

Why can’t all countries within the UK take turns in power sharing every four to five years? In this way all will be responsible for each other and we will all be a true partnership and there will be no blame on one country and city but on all when mistakes are made. We will then be all together as a strong partnership, probably stronger than before and the balance of power will shift on a constant basis making for much more interesting times. It would benefit all of us in the long run whereas a single partner going independent will only cause problems for that country and possibly others as well. That way can only end badly.

People in Scotland say it is not about Salmond at all but if a YES vote comes to pass then you can bet it sure as hell will be for he won’t go quietly.

An independent Scotland will raise taxes, food and drink, fuel and public travel. It will also charge for university and it will only be a matter of time before the NHS resembles England. Once again, money has to come from somewhere and it does not grow on trees. The oil reserves are obviously being exaggerated and depending on what currency they have; without a central bank of course which won’t then make them truly independent anyway, tourism may then suffer with exchange rates. Let us also not forget rents and mortgages. They will rise quick on independence but fall faster than they could imagine, their dreams shattered. Mass unemployment and a Scotland resembling the Thatcher years will probably follow. I would hope for the opposite but the YES campaign is not supplying straight answers and with days to go it may already be too late to turn back the tide…

Romantic patriotism does not put food on the table or pay your bills; it never has and never will. You can’t eat a flag or feed and look after yourself and your family on ideals alone. The people of the UK cannot be blamed for the mistakes of a lax government like a people cannot be blamed for the past of its country or leaders of the time. Sometimes you have to be careful what you wish for as you may just get it. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Good luck Scotland, you’re going to need it. I wish you well whatever the outcome.