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No Good Deed Ever Pays

Jun 2, 2013


Okay, where to begin? I suppose how I got to this point really would be a good start. I’ve only ever tried to do the right thing by so many people over the years but one day everyone pushed me too far. Much too far. All I wanted was a home to call my own […]


May 2, 2013


I just killed a man today. Well it was about two hours ago as a matter of fact. I don’t know who he was or anything about his life. All I know is that I killed him and enjoyed it. Every last bit of it. Why did I do it? Am I mad? A psychopath […]

The Witching Hour

Mar 17, 2013


*The following poem is based on a local legend around my home town and is based also on the last highwayman to be hanged in England and I believe Britain entirely. There’s a link at the end if you are interested in finding out more about Robert Snooks. I hope you like it. The witching […]

Dead Words (A Short Story)

Jan 4, 2013


He woke up early, his sleep having been disturbed by bad dreams. If truth be told he hadn’t slept properly in years. He carried the weight of the world on his shoulders of late but hadn’t he always anyway? His heart and soul were heavy with it all. He had to be awake anyway for […]