Posted on May 2, 2013


I just killed a man today.
Well it was about two hours ago as a matter of fact. I don’t know who he was or anything about his life.
All I know is that I killed him and enjoyed it.
Every last bit of it.
Why did I do it? Am I mad? A psychopath or any other tag you want to pi on me? None of that. Believe it or not I’m quite sane. I enjoy going to the cinema, eating food, watching television although soaps and reality shows really grate me. I do a lot of exercise by way of cycling, running, press-ups and sit-ups. I love long walks in the country and by the sea. I like to be away from town and city life. I hate the way everyone is so stressed with worry over work, bills, relationships and all the other crap in life. No-one has time to breathe anymore sadly. That’s where I step in.
Most of all I enjoy reading books. I even draw a little too. I find with reading and drawing you can take yourself away from the world and be elsewhere in a different place and time or even on another planet. My drawings are of a world that is idyllic and peaceful. Chaos simply doesn’t exist in my world. I’ve even started writing stories recently. I didn’t think that I had it in me but well, lets just say I have a wealth of material to draw from.
The reason I did it is quite simple really. It’s because I can.
People may think of me as a monster. A murderer. Quite preposterous really. I’m simply cleaning up the mess that society and government has made that they’re too squeamish to do themselves.
So was the man I killed innocent or was he guilty of something? I stated in the beginning that I knew nothing of his life. Well that’s a slight lie. I knew him to be a troublemaker on the estate where I live but that’s about it. So I cut him out of society like a cancer just like slicing toast.
Yes, I cut his throat.
The look of helpless fear when he realised someone had him and he couldn’t see who it was as my face was covered. You can’t be too careful nowadays with CCTV and mobile phones. I wear a mask you see. It’s a clown mask. Some people fear clowns and some trust them. This fool trusted this clown till quick as a flash I pulled out my old WWII knife I picked up from an antique market years ago which I lovingly restored to its former glory.
The blade sliced in quick and easy. It was like cutting the Christmas turkey. I enjoy doing that too.
Not a drop of blood came onto me as he wriggled and kicked like a fish out of water. He dies struggling and shocked.
I walked away satisfied leaving his body by some bins with the other rubbish.
I haven’t heard if he’s been found yet? It won’t be long though. Am I worried about getting caught? Ah, that’s the best bit you see. I haven’t as yet and I’ve been doing this a while now. I never kill in my area but of late it hasn’t been a good place to reside so I decided to clean up a little starting with him.
I usually travel around Britain and go to Europe by Eurostar or by car.
I take on average of twelve trips per year and have done for five years now. I took early retirement having inherited a lot of money from a family member sadly passed away, taken by a hit and run driver. They were never caught by the police but I eventually found him. He was a drink driver and had stolen the car to get home after missing his train back. He told me all this when I met him. It doesn’t matter how I found him, only that I did.
He became my first kill.
It was a messy affair and I must admit after the rage had gone I threw up over him. I had killed him in the middle of nowhere pretending I was a fellow drunk like him and confiding that I knew a place where drink and drugs came at a small price along with women. The sick bastard jumped at the chance for a continuing night like this. I took him out in the countryside down a country track and killed him there and then. He screamed but no-one heard him as we were in the middle of nowhere. He died like a squealing pig.
After that it got much easier to kill. I took only criminals at first who did real harm to others but now I’m not so picky. I don’t take innocent life though. Only those that do harm in some way. Not long ago I took a banker who had evicted an old woman from her home. I enjoyed taking his life and he won’t be the last banker I kill either.
They’re the scourge of society along with politicians.
Oh how I would love to end a politicians life…
Too big though. It would create too much of a publicity storm. So far as I know I have been undetected for years. I never kill in the same way either so as not to attract attention. As far as the authorities are concerned all the killings I have done are unconnected. Still, It would be nice if someone noticed even for a little while.
Anyway, I’m off for a few days on a road trip through Italy, Spain and France. I may go somewhere else and take an extra few days like Greece. I hear they’re having problems there…
I’ve just packed a few things away. Clothes, toothbrush, Deodorant, Mask, Shoes, Knife…
I’m looking forward to getting away for a few days.
A new sunrise in a new country.
And meeting new people…