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When I Was Young

Nov 8, 2014


I was reminiscing about when I was young A child of ten who had loads of fun In a safe environment playing with my toy gun A child of eight who enjoyed the sun I used to climb trees in my garden Left to play without a worry of strange men I would play along […]

The Child’s Favourite Toy

Oct 24, 2014


The small boy no more than three Plays with his soldiers before his tea He pretends to shoot the bad guy As his goodies bide their time and hide Bored is he after half an hour He decides to play wizards with his tower The dragons fight against the wizard the boy makes a sound […]

A Babies Babbles

Oct 5, 2014


The wee small girl barely a year old Plays a little game ever so bold Throws her food on the floor Laughs away wanting more She make noises sounding like oh? A cheeky little grin, how she smiles so Claps her hands in triumph and glory When she gets older, I’ll tell her a story […]

Time Wished Away

Oct 3, 2014


October is a month I do love and dread Halloween and birthdays so many a head Then days later there is Guy Fawkes night Fireworks go bang, giving cats and dogs a fright Shops and television advertise Christmas early Money go in, money goes out listening to the blarney October till January the fastest of […]

Falling Like Rain

Jul 30, 2014


So the tears did fall Many were there Falling like rain Mingling in others hair As embraces were broken And ways were parted Leaving behind sad hearts Broken-hearted So sad saying goodbye So very sad But inevitable it is For lost memories never had

Loony Tunes and Mad Hares

Jan 26, 2014


*The following is a follow up to another poem I did on the Loon and his adventure in a balloon. You can view it here but for now here’s to his second adventure in a faraway land with a Mad Hare and his wayward chair… The balloon crashed long ago caused by a fire-bird blowing […]

Loon and a Balloon

Jan 21, 2014


*The following is a fantasy idea I had in a dream a follow-up will be forthcoming, maybe with a third and final part as well? Hey you loon floating away on your balloon Pink hair whipping away in the wind of yesterday Off on an adventure once again on a mission sent Fighting ogres and […]

Bonkers Conkers

Oct 14, 2013


He walks by the riverside, jacket wrapped tight past ducks and geese, the latter gives him a fright With its loud squawking noise and flapping wings he moves a bit faster, away from trouble it may bring The noise dies down slightly as he passes a girl she sits reading a book, her hair does […]

The Hanging Man

Sep 21, 2013


*So the dark autumn nights draw in and I thought I’d do a supernatural poem. I hope you like it? The children play by the woods just by the old executioners hood A tree said to be here he plied his trade and where legend was made But it’s the old house across the way […]


Jun 26, 2013


As the boy to bed he goes He does hide under the covers For darkness it does bring Shadows and creatures creeping Hands clasp the quilt Clasping tightly fear of the night He looks at the cupboard His toys seem alive Shadows stretch long towards him Across the walls the ceiling too Shaking, he tries […]