Posted on Jun 26, 2013


Monsters in the wardrobe

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As the boy
to bed he goes
He does hide
under the covers

For darkness
it does bring
Shadows and creatures

Hands clasp the
Clasping tightly
fear of the night

He looks at the
His toys seem

Shadows stretch long
towards him
Across the walls
the ceiling too

Shaking, he tries
to scream
Shaking with fear
nothing comes

His voice stilled
by the creeping
he watches in terror

”Please go away”
in his head
”Please go away”
ever close they creep

A noise by the window
startles him
He looks eyes wide
fearing shadows still

He tries to scream
tries and tries
But still his voice
does stay trapped

”Leave me alone!”
he says in his head
”Please leave me alone”
but the shadows listen not

Tap, tap-tap
comes the window again
Something beckons him
tap, tap tap evermore

Under the covers he dives
eyes shut tight
This little boy
does hide

Silence then, silence
he braves for
A peek
shaking all over

Goosbumps too
so cold is he
Looks over the

Suddenly something is
on him!
He finally screams
his Mum rushes in

Tears streaming down
his face
He sees what it was
his cat, Bertie

The shadows are gone
wrapped in his
Mothers arms
gone now are they

To sleep he finally
To sleep
as the shadows grow…

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