Posted on Jun 26, 2013


I am the howl in the wind
I am the call of the wild
I am the defender of the land
I am the guardian, nature’s child

I am the protector of the pack
I am the keeper of truth
I am one with the land
I am the life you’d choose

I am paw-prints in the snow
I am the whisper in the trees
I am the watcher in the woods
I am and always should be free

I am the fear of man
I am not to be feared
I am life most precious
I am Mother Nature reared

I am the howl in the wind
I am the call of the wild
I am in all things present and past
I am wolf, nature’s child

I have been with you forever
I am life
I am like you
So why must I always run and hide?

Hear my call
I am Wolf…

Here are some links if you are interested in wolf conservation or would just like to know a little bit more about these magnificent and misunderstood animals:


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