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The Eighties

Aug 31, 2011


The eighties were a strange decade Full of creativity that does not fade From the clothes, films and to the music I for one hope that’s we never lose it Duran Duran, Aha and Whitesnake Knew how to write a song, hearts to break The New Romantics and the rock gods ruled those years The […]

The Summer of No Content

Aug 30, 2011


Looking at the sky, grey clouds up high As darkness clouds the view, I sigh What happened to the warmth heaven sent This was the summer of no content ‘Tis funny how the weather affects our moods Even the way we eat our foods Up and down we go in weight or personality Change do […]


Aug 29, 2011


I wonder how things will be now you’ve gone Will I now grow and find where I belong Finally becoming the man I should be Going places I’ve so longed to see Or will I be kept here against my will In a dead-end town I vilify still Trapped with a life I so despise […]

That Snappy Woman

Aug 25, 2011


Like a crocodile, she snaps at my heels Never exactly knowing how it feels To be treated like a child Never allowed once in a while to run wild She does nothing but cause me grief and pain When she’s around you know it’s gonna rain I dive for cover whenever I can Before she […]

From Rubbish Bags to a Dictator’s Downfall

Aug 25, 2011


The news has been crazy and varied these past few weeks what with the riots in London and the arrests, convictions and the inevitable outcry of ‘human rights’ that these people are meant to have. I believe in Human rights but if you commit a crime that does harm to another person in any way […]

Tired (of Thinking)

Aug 21, 2011


Woke up this morning with cobwebs in my eyes Thinking of yesterday, the past and binding ties Everything changes whilst I sit still Watching everything pass, no touch or feel I feel restrained, a prisoner of sorts Wondering what’s next, what battle to be fought I listen to my niece happily babbling away Oh to […]

Gone So Fast

Aug 19, 2011


So a year and three months has gone by Since you’ve been gone, time does fly So much I wanted to say and tried to But it was hard getting through to you Things have changed little since you went All that I am left with water through a vent I know you’d be angry […]

Confession To The Priest

Aug 16, 2011


All I see around me is confusion and depression People come to me as if I’m a priest for Confession Their problems immersed into my brain Because from this they no I have nothing to gain The weight of their world is on my shoulders Like carrying the size of immense boulders What is it […]

Darkness and Light

Aug 12, 2011


All I see is darkness and light Between what is wrong and what is right The everlasting fight between evil and good Darkness nowadays wears a hood The cowards who bully, attack our ways Don’t know any difference in all their days Education isn’t the strength of these thugs They care here nor there, they […]

London Burns, The Government Watches in Silence

Aug 9, 2011


I sit in shock and awe as London burns Adults and kids looting, taking turns Homes destroyed, lives changed forever Businesses gone, communities severed Why do our leaders sit and stare Delaying moving in, do they care? Fourth day now, they relax and plan More lives on the line, their heads in the sand The […]