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And the Stars Look Very Different Today

Jan 11, 2016


Woke to the news that a Starman was taken away Heard him in my Absolute Beginner days Ziggy Stardust and his Spiders from Mars How Changes were made throughout his past He sang about Modern Love and China Girl Let’s Dance he said, how we did twirl Is there Life on Mars he wanted to […]

The Day that Comedy Died

Aug 12, 2014


*The following poem/lyrics goes with my previous post about the great man himself, an inspiration to me since a child. Woke up this morning to some terrible news No doubt, another been taken by the blues The world according to him was great He had the hook, his comedy his bait (chorus) Oh why, oh […]

Bullet to the Head

May 27, 2013


This man been criticized again Accused of much but not there to defend The things they say make him ill For he would not hurt a fly or kill He would sooner put a bullet to his head than harm another living soul or wish anyone dead So to be accused of a reviled act […]

Dreaming of John Lennon

Apr 23, 2013


I was thinking the other day of past musicians gone and if they were still around now, would they still be in song? So many have gone before their time, heavens call John Lennon was one who could bind us all From his early days in the Beatles he inspired to his happy days in […]

They Beat No More

Mar 22, 2013


*My homage to the Beatles, one of the greatest bands that ever has been. The four of them sang about love, love, love Love is all you need But down that long and winding road They took different paths Can you imagine? One asked for peace and war to end But one Christmas a bullet […]


Jan 10, 2013


The following is inspired by an interview with a British jounalsit between the overrated so-called writer/director Quintan Tarantino and Channel 4 newsreader Krishnan Guru-Murphy, a brilliant journalist on these shores. The interview can be viewed at the following link: Even the title grates me about him! As you can tell, he’s not my favourite […]

Jeremy Vile And Trash TV

Nov 27, 2011


The woman sits at home, a week off she has Decides to write that book if she so can But glued she is to the box in the corner Jeremy Vile and trash TV, this brain-dead horror Reality TV, the conveyor belt of hell Controlled by the devil, with souls to buy and sell So […]

The Peace Of You

Nov 5, 2011


Been listening to you close my friend And how you’ve been put down once again By those who you thought had crossed a bridge Nothings that easy is it, those that bear a grudge If I were you, I’d ignore them all For they’re not worth this planet they crawl As they shame those they […]

The King of Pop Has Passed

Oct 30, 2011


* The following poem was first published 26th June 2009 on my personal facebook page and I thought I’d put it up for everyone to see in the wider world. Michael Jackson, the king of pop Has passed this sad cruel world Does anyone ever think to stop Of his family, friends, his children Through […]

Will He Ever Rest In Peace?

Oct 14, 2011


So the trial goes on for the doctor who allegedly did wrong Evidence stacked high against him for killing the man and his song His sits in the dock poe-faced against the mountain he must climb Whilst his lawyer tries and fails miserably to defend over time But the trial is a farce reminiscent of […]