Posted on Jan 10, 2013


The following is inspired by an interview with a British jounalsit between the overrated so-called writer/director Quintan Tarantino and Channel 4 newsreader Krishnan Guru-Murphy, a brilliant journalist on these shores. The interview can be viewed at the following link:


Even the title grates me about him! As you can tell, he’s not my favourite writer/director.

Oh you fool
Your arrogance leads
Your belief in yourself
My heart bleeds

You throw a tantrum
and insults too
This argument
you did lose

You started it
and turned nasty
As a question was
asked by Krishnan Guru-Murphy

He wanted to know
the link between films and violence
But you threw a hissy
Left a stunned silence

Overrated you are anyway
Take all the swearing,
violence and sex away
Not much left

No story to see
Covered up by negatives
In you a false belief
It’s all rubbish you see

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