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The Damage Done & The Burning by James Oswald (DI McLean: Book 6)

Apr 5, 2020


The Storyline A bungled raid on a suspected brothel, and a suspicious death, sends Detective Inspector Tony McLean down a path of conspiracy and cover-ups, fighting superiors and shadowy figures along the way, even getting help from surprising quarters… And then there is the mysterious woman, whom McLean is sure he has met before, but […]

Prayer for the Dead (DI McLean book 5) by James Oswald book review

Mar 23, 2020


Storyline The fifth in the DI Tony McLean series by James Oswald, this story starts when a man is kidnapped and seemingly offered up for a sacrifice in Gilmerton Cove, a series of passageways and chambers long associated with the Covenanters as a refuge, and also a smugglers’ lair. It’s also linked to the supernatural […]

Dead Men’s Bones by James Oswald (DI McLean: Book 4)

Aug 5, 2014


Okay, I know I did a review recently for the Hangman’s Song by James Oswald, a week ago in fact, but I simply flew through this one and couldn’t put it down. It’s probably because I had a bit more time to read as well, something I am trying to make for myself. I’ve stated […]

The Hangman’s Song by James Oswald (DI McLean: Book 3)

Jul 29, 2014


The third in the series of the Detective Inspector McLean crime series by James Oswald with a supernatural twist that started with Natural Causes starts off with quite literally a drop; well a hanging actually, hence the title The Hangman’s Song. McLean comes in to the story whilst investigating a suspected prostitution and human trafficking […]

The Book of Souls by James Oswald (DI McLean: Book 2)

Jun 25, 2014


The following reviews are for The Book of Souls and the short story The Final Reel by James Oswald The Book of Souls Having finished reading Natural Causes by James Oswald a few weeks ago, I dived straight in to the follow-up The Book of Souls with eager relish. I haven’t done this with an […]

Natural Causes by James Oswald (DI McLean: Book 1)

Jun 9, 2014


Some time last year I was walking down my local shops looking to add yet more books to my ever-expanding collection that is growing by the week. I know now that I will have to speed up my reading if I am to keep up with my addiction or stop buying books so I can […]