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Daemon Winds

May 17, 2013


He awoke this morning half asleep the daemon winds came a-knocking to reap Sweeping up all in their wake next your souls it’ll so take Out doing battle with it he did do fought hammer and tongs till he was blue Objects everywhere blowing at him direct from all sides they fly to much effect […]

The Ballywotsitmabob

May 31, 2012


Late one night he heard a sound Coming from the mansion grounds Not far from the woods he thought Maybe it was a poacher in a trap caught? But a funny sound did it make Like a fox and a chicken, the sound did grate So deciding to go see what it was he heard […]


Mar 13, 2012


**The following is about a scare story told to me and my family when we were kids. It used to scare the bejesus out of us when we were told about Fumph is coming if we were noisy or naughty or it thundered and so on. The pictures we had in our heads then! I’m […]