The Ballywotsitmabob

Posted on May 31, 2012


Late one night he heard a sound
Coming from the mansion grounds
Not far from the woods he thought
Maybe it was a poacher in a trap caught?

But a funny sound did it make
Like a fox and a chicken, the sound did grate
So deciding to go see what it was he heard
He put on his dressing gown, hoping it’s birds

The dark was everywhere he did look
Not a light did shine where it should
Even the moon had hidden away
And the night things weren’t out to play

So this ten-year old boy moves like a mouse
Moving further away from his creepy old house
Closer and closer to the woods he gets
Suddenly that sound now loud in his head

Deep down he knows what it is
For legend tells of a monster round here
In this part of Ireland loads of legends told
But the Ballywotsitmabob is one of old

Some say it’s big and hairy and fat
And wears a funny green hat
That eats children, bones and all
Out in the woods where it once ruled

They’re meant to like black pudding too
And cheese and anything blue
They can appear and disappear at will
Usually once they’ve had their fill

The boy’s grandfather says he once saw one
He swears it till this day on the life of his mum
Seeing it shuffle along one winters night
Tall and fat as a house, it gave him a fright!

And now the boy moves closer to the woods
Suddenly wondering if he should
Then a noise from behind him comes
It’s then he sees it, screams and runs

All sorts of noises does it make
Waving it’s arms at him like some weird strange ape
Jumping up and down its tongue hanging out
The boy screams again and gives out a shout!

Finally he gets in the house
Shouting out for his dad and anyone else
They all come running to see what’s the fuss
He tells them all in a hurried rush

But when he takes them there, there’s nowt to be seen
They tell him it was just a bad dream
But his grandfather looks at him with a knowing look
He knows this isn’t a story in a children’s book

So beware children for the Ballywotsitmabob
This monster is as big as a blob!
It’ll gobble you up if you misbehave
Do as you’re told and never out late stay

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