Missed Call

Posted on May 30, 2012


The phone rings but goes unheard
As she walks to her place of work
For on silent she has put the phone
On silent it’ll stay till she gets home

The past few days have been hell
Hardly noticed by her friends all round
For lost in their own worlds they always are
She sometimes wonders about travelling far


Her day passes by slow and hard
No-one remembered to send her a card
For her birthday it is today
She had hoped to go out to play


An argument with a customer she does have
Making her day worse with more to be had
She just wants to get home, sink in the bath
Oh will anyone please make her laugh!


Finally she gets home tired and wrought
In a downpour she was finally caught
Sinking in her bath, candles to calm her
Thirty missed calls unnoticed and unheard


For her boyfriend she caught with another girl
Four times now, their four-year relationship he did sell
Angry she decided to walk away
This is what ruined her past few days


But if she weren’t so stubborn she may’ve learned
Not all was as it seemed, she hadn’t been burned
For he had spent weeks arranging a surprise party
With all her family and friends there to be

The phone rings but goes unheard
As she puts from her mind her days work
For now the battery had died in her bag
People are waiting at this party to be had

(If only she had picked up the phone)
(She wouldn’t be home alone)

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