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I Am Life

Nov 24, 2014


Why do you hassle me so Why do you kill my kin Why do you fear us Hunt our kind again and again I mean you no harm I wish only to live in peace To be left alone To live wild and free But time and again you track us Hunt and kill our […]

The Hunter

Oct 25, 2014


The seasons come, the seasons go come rain or shine or falling snow He comes to look for food to eat the hunter knows where’s fish or meat He smells the air and listens hard eyes alert, always on the guard For he knows another this way comes but he is prepared to defend or […]


Aug 5, 2014


I look at you, my twin my other Wondering what life you lead? Are you living a life of freedom Running wild without fear Or are you running away From those that were once our friends? Are you alone or with a pack? Have you young and old to care for? Or are they gone, […]

Children of the Forest

Jul 13, 2014


A thin mist wisps through the trees The Dragon’s breath alive As it snakes around rock and wood And over still waters The forest is quiet today Not a bird chirps Not a rustle in the undergrowth Not a whisper in the trees As the mountains rise in the distance Lording over all below Snow […]

If I Were…

Jul 8, 2014


If I were a horse I’d gallop across the sands On the beaches of Connemara, a life so grand The waves would lap up at my hooves in glory This horse and land belong to an ancient story If I were a dog then a Husky I would be Racing through the snow, my paws […]

Still Running

Jun 24, 2014


I’ve read today how nothing changes That your still persecuted and still running Soon there will be no more howls For your call is what people fear Old ancient superstitions your enemy always Ignorance your final undoing But still a chance to save you Through education and open minds Maybe then the hunter’s guns will […]

Song of the Wild

Mar 11, 2014


The forest spread far and wide In which animals from humans hide This their domain they roam free As far as the eye can see And if you listen close You can hear the call of nature’s ghost Followed by the song of the wild A wolf’s howl Mother Nature’s child

Lord of Nature

Jan 26, 2014


I walk in freedom yet a prisoner am I I run from nothing yet I live in fear I howl at the gods yet they hear me not I am the lord of nature but my kingdom fast recedes I am the hunter yet hunted am I I once roamed across many lands now my […]

Wolf Hunt

Oct 1, 2013


*Dedicated to all those that fight for wildlife conservation against ignorance, fear and greed. Keep on fighting. So it starts again in the land of the free Slaughtering those that can’t defend why can’t they leave them be? Wyoming have a free for all they’ll listen for the Wolves call Their guns blazing in they’ll […]

Echoes of the Last Howl

Jul 29, 2013


He ran. He ran as fast as his legs could carry him; his tongue flapping as he did so and his breadth coming in deep gasps. He was used to running and could run and walk for miles and miles but today was different because today he was running for his life. To make matters […]