If I Were…

Posted on Jul 8, 2014


Howling Wolves

Picture courtesy of http://www.lifeinsure.com

If I were a horse I’d gallop across the sands
On the beaches of Connemara, a life so grand
The waves would lap up at my hooves in glory
This horse and land belong to an ancient story

If I were a dog then a Husky I would be
Racing through the snow, my paws running free
The adrenaline of the race and land I would be one
This Husky runs for his spirit, more to him than fun

If I were a bird, then an eagle I would fly
Soaring high above the mountains and the sky
My wings at one with the currents as I glide
King of the skies, no need to hide

If I were a wolf so at one with nature are they
Mother earth’s children, guardians till this day
I would howl my thanks to her reign
Hiding from man’s need to inflict pain

But a human I am chosen to be
With all the confusions that come with me
In the next life maybe we choose
What we can be, win or lose

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