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Dawn’s First Light

Oct 11, 2014


The Trident Hotel in my beloved Kinsale set me a challenge to write a poem to match the picture below. Visit John Collins photography here and please visit the wonderful Trident Hotel and Kinsale as soon as possible. You will not regret it. The mist creeps across the harbour walls Across the water enveloping all […]

The Patriot – Part 1

Jun 8, 2013


*The following was an idea I had about a a young man in Ireland just as the First World War was in its first year and one year before the Easter Rising of 1916. I thought of those that were patriots to their own country and wanted to stay and fight against the British and […]

Old Smokey

Jun 5, 2013


*Inspired by my many visits to Kinsale in Ireland and the Spaniard pub where I did indeed see an old fisherman come in and cook fresh fish over a roaring fire one October night. My mouth watered as it cooked. Can’t remember if I tried a bit or not but probably did. This old boy […]

Oh Sweet Kinsale

May 28, 2013


Oh sweet Kinsale I dreamed of you yesterday In my heart you always are and on my mind you play I dreamed of your harbour as the bells chimed on the boats As I glided on by like a disenchanted ghost I went past my own footsteps of times past And saw many memories imprinted […]

Coming Home

May 13, 2013


He was home. It had been many years since Stephen had set foot in Ireland, let alone Kinsale and he had missed it more than his heart could ever express. When the plane had landed at Cork Airport a feeling had come over him that could not really be explained. It was a good feeling, […]


Apr 14, 2013


Home is where the heart is we’re told Home is where we’re born that has a hold Home is a place with family and friends Home is where happiness should never end But the truth is never as easy as it seems Never an answer that can be gleaned We all want to know where […]


Mar 24, 2013


I walk past the harbour seeing the boats-a-bobbing On the water gently as my head is throbbing The pain dissipates as I watch the gulls fly over The serenity of the sea is a sight that is sober This harbour town is so peaceful today The sun it does shine its ray’s I sit on […]