Posted on Apr 14, 2013


Kinsale Harbour taken by the author, Darren Greenidge

Kinsale Harbour taken by the author, Darren Greenidge

Home is where the heart is we’re told
Home is where we’re born that has a hold
Home is a place with family and friends
Home is where happiness should never end

But the truth is never as easy as it seems
Never an answer that can be gleaned
We all want to know where we belong
The place of our birth starts the song

Some are brave and leave all behind
Our loved ones are so easy to find
But others won’t leave, reasons abound
They are trapped in a hell of a town

Some are made to feel guilty to leave
For them there will be no reprieve
All they can do is dream of adventures
They could’ve taken in different city centres

Some are born where they don’t belong
For them where they live is very wrong
They want to find that special place
Be able to fit into the human race

The search can be hard, long and fraught
But happiness is never easily sought
Whether in mountains or by the sea
We all want our souls and minds to be free

I see a little harbour town
The song it sings a happy sound
Nestled in the beauty of Cork
One day I shall in Kinsale forever walk

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