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Grim Reapers All

Mar 23, 2020


A few stragglers walk the streets Some avoid all they meet Whilst most stay in, safely locked away Others not listening to what government’s say The sun shines bright, Spring arrived Temptation to mingle, to feel alive But carriers all, potentially are we Grim Reapers all, death we take to thee We don’t learn, until […]

The Sound of Silence

Mar 23, 2020


A murmur of Starlings flies on high Where not a plane seen in the skies And boats no longer sail the seas Dolphins, seals, can finally breathe Noise that shook and rumbled the land No longer has its devilish hand And people no longer pollute or corrupt As the world stops abrupt How long I […]

Changing Tide

Oct 29, 2014


I heard today how change sadly has come Under a golden harbour sun That much has been lost, sold away Whilst some have been left to decay Winter comes to close the summer season Along with shops and bars with sad reason The town now full of wraiths No-one out now to play Price wars […]

If Éire Be My Wife, Then Caledonia Be My Lover

Oct 25, 2014


If Éire be my wife, then Caledonia be my lover A temptress of beauty like no other She leads me astray all over her curves From the mountains, the islands, the sea and surf A wildness comes over me when I embrace her An animal instinct long buried, now to serve She teaches me something […]

An Endless Knot

Oct 24, 2014


Looking out of the window on a cold day The wind blowing away the last of summer Thoughts shut down where I lay Dreaming the life of another But I think my destiny lies elsewhere Alone with the Mountains and the Sea Being at one with the elements without care Nature becoming at one with […]

Sail Away

Oct 11, 2014


The sun beats down on a quiet beach As gulls call and the sea does beseech A lone woman and her dog walk on by As the gulls continue their shrill cry A man watches in the calm alone At peace here but never at home Everything makes sense by the sea He feels renewed […]

The Isle of Lost Hearts

Oct 3, 2014


The young man he leaves the city behind Off to search for something he hopes to find On a train he sets off for an early start To find the isle of lost hearts On the other side of the country a girl waits For her life to begin, starting to grate She wonders what […]