Grim Reapers All

Posted on Mar 23, 2020


Grassmarket in Edinburgh by Darren Greenidge at

Grassmarket in Edinburgh by Darren Greenidge at

A few stragglers walk the streets
Some avoid all they meet
Whilst most stay in, safely locked away
Others not listening to what government’s say

The sun shines bright, Spring arrived
Temptation to mingle, to feel alive
But carriers all, potentially are we
Grim Reapers all, death we take to thee

We don’t learn, until it’s too late
So begins the games of blame and hate
Racist views and a lack of understanding
This the way from our very beginning

We’re our own worst enemy I fear
We always know best, truth falls on deaf ears
And the dead you helped to kill
You pass the buck, saying it’s not real

It’s always someone else, never you
What the hell, what’ve you to lose?
You’re alright Jack, nowt wrong here
What have you got to fear?

And as the dead pile on high
And tears fall from the sky
We all wonder when this will end
Until, I think, the fools listen to what’s said

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