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Aug 31, 2013


The white face stares within from the window yet again Bloodless is the skin as are the eyes, yet sharp as pins Whispered, soundless lips move scratching at the window pane too With nails long and cold white hands reaching from the darklands Reaching for what lies within hungers for what should’ve been And salivates […]

The Darkest Kiss

Jun 19, 2013


He sees her in the crowd somewhere amongst the rabble A calm among the noisy sounds of music and babble he’s in awe of her a beauty he has never seen In his soul she burns this woman from his dreams Then she turns to look his way directly at him now From across the […]

A Note To Whomever (A Short Story)

Jul 23, 2012


*The following story has since been rewritten to be published as a larger work. Details will follow. I’m tired. Tired of everything at the moment. My life is going nowhere as I sit and vegetate every single day, my brain turning to mush. I hope for rescue in some form for I have given up […]

Darkest Lust

May 28, 2012


The night draws in and with it the cold As everyone retires to their beds For one of them something will hold her between life and death For her dreams shall be nothing to this As the horrors of repressed nightmares will now surface Baring its all to her Long has it waited for this […]