Darkest Lust

Posted on May 28, 2012


The night draws in and
with it the cold
As everyone retires
to their beds
For one of them
something will hold
her between life and death

For her dreams shall
be nothing to this
As the horrors of
repressed nightmares
will now surface
Baring its all to her
Long has it waited for this

As she sleeps it smells
her perfume
Drawn to it from miles away
Her sweetness it shall soon
Until then its darkest lust
shall not abate

Finally through her window
it comes
Gliding effortlessly to
her bed
As she sleeps a troubled
Trapped in a world
with no real sight

For above her in the real
Is a thing of legend
and myth
This thing that draws its
Ready to draw blood from her neck

For the Nosferatu hungers
for her
A darkest lust no human
can understand
It aches for her blood
More than any can know
As its teeth pierce her neck

She gasps as the blood
Her veins pumping like mad
The pure clean white sheets
now speckled
As the Vampyre drinks in
his lust

She feels not a thing
as she is lost in
swirling dreams
Darkening, confusing and
She sleeps now the
sleep of the undead

Posted in: Poetry, Supernatural