Kong: Skull Island

May 19, 2019


Kong - Skull Island

My Kong: Skull Island #film review

Assassin’s Creed

May 19, 2019


My Assassin's Creed #film Review


Nov 11, 2018


Devastation picture by unknown

My comrades Where art though? On mud mixed with gore I wonder what I fight for? What is freedom but a word Our voices but go unheard My friends cut down in silent screams Nothing is ever what it seems Blame one another if you will Of death and hate I’ve had my fill You […]

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Reunited Once Again

May 28, 2017


It’s been mere days now since she was taken On swift wings by angels above Reunited once again With her one and only true love She’s left behind many a broken heart Some never got to say goodbye But her spirit lives on in them all So remember this when you cry One of a […]

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No Dance with the Devil Yet

Oct 19, 2016


Picture courtesy of globalnews.ca

This happened to me earlier this morning and it was a close call indeed. A yawn as I awake in darkness Thinking on the weekend ahead The city of Dreaming Spires A light to guide my week I mount my bike Peddle power keeping me fit The ride fresh as the sun rises Good to […]

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To Brexit or not to Brexit, that is the question…

Jun 22, 2016


EU Referendum Vote Picture courtesy of the BBC

Tomorrow, I, along with the rest of the UK will go to the polls to either vote to Remain as part of Europe or Leave and go it ‘alone’ in the EU Referendum. As with the Scottish indyref of 2014, one side tells us one thing whilst the other tells us another without being clear […]

Blood Over the Rainbow

Jun 19, 2016



I wrote this last week in response to the terrible tragedy in Orlando People excitedly prepare Ready for their night out to party Of what’s to come they’re unaware Will anybody ever be truly free? Happy faces went out that night But not for long sad to say For their was a monster out of […]

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