My Christmas Day Message

Posted on Dec 25, 2020


Hello there, it’s your King and Master here.

Grassmarket Christmas 2020 by Darren Greenidge

I thought I’d start by saying, well, what a feckin’ year eh, and we’ve still a few days to go yet! I’m still expecting something completely mad and bonkers to happen, and have one eye on the sword, just in case of a zombie apocalypse or an alien invasion?

whilst I’m typing this, the dinner is cooking in the oven, and the smells are making me salivate. It’s not the Christmas I was expecting, as it isn’t with us all, but I’m sure as hell going to make the most of it!

Two years ago, I had a friend here (he’s coming again as the rules state he can, but he’s a sloth, and sleeps by day, and comes out at night usually, so he’ll be late again, as he was last time.), and we ended up in the pub across from me. They were meant to be open from 12-5pm, but found that they were swamped; the chef going mad, telling everyone to stop ordering food, and musicians being rushed in to cope with it all.

Last year was generally nuts though for me personally, full of highs and lows, whilst this year has just been odd, and a little sad.

During 2019, I met crazy, mad, beautiful people, who have changed my life overnight. I barely had a chance to breathe; and having only just moved in at the end of 2018 (yes, it was nuts busy for me them too), I hadn’t the chance to get my flat sorted at all; only taking me until this year to get things done.

So, for me, 2020 has been mixed. I’ve lost people I knew and loved, held on to long-standing friends, and strengthened new one and old ones alike, have both wasted my time, and made the most of it, and generally live in hope of better things. As do we all in these strange and worrying times.

Now, I’m not going into the rabbit hole that is conspiracy theories and religion. None of that is for me. I’m Apolitical when it comes to politics, hating them all with equal measure. I am Agnostic, I suppose, when it comes to religious issues, and have no fear of death myself, only the fear of not living and achieving all I want to do in life, and it’s this that is my driving force this year, and into next.

Tomorrow may very well be different, and not what you expect? This virus will be with us for a while, and scientists and governments struggle to reign it in quickly and efficiently. My point is, try and do what you can for yourself and for others, before it’s too late. Time is always the enemy.

I’ve countless writing projects that I’m trying to complete, and it’s very hard to get your head down and to concentrate on something like that, but determined I am to do so. I actually have a number done, but need to clean them up, and then decide what to do with them? Whatever you are wanting to do, get your head down, and do it, if possible at the moment. Doors will open once you do, and you’ll feel a weight off your shoulders too.

Edinburgh Castle through St Cutherbert’s Kirkyard by Darren Greenidge

If you feel pressure in life, find a way to release it, in a way that benefits you, and those around you that you may be affecting? If you need to talk, then do so, or at least find a way to deal with the problem? Problems have a way of being solved once you deal with them, or at least maybe relieving the stress and worry. In most cases anyway.

Above all though, be kind, be thoughtful, and be honest. Lying gets you nowhere in life, although a harmless little white one, may help the situation in hand? We’re going to be in for another year of madness and uncertainty, I think, and it’ll be those that adapt, that will get through it. Don’t be the sheep. Be the wolf.

Sadly, the pubs will be shut for a while yet, and on/off throughout the year, I suspect, unfortunately. As I look out of my window, here in the Old Town in Edinburgh, the Castle rising high and proud above the city (and one day my home from where I shall rule from), I wonder what the future holds? Change, obviously, whether we want it or not, but opportunity for those that look for it, and can find it? It won’t be easy for many, but it’ll be something. It’ll be life.

Now, I’ve got Whisky, Ales, Stouts, and some Mead ready to be washed down with my dinner, whenever my mate turns up!I’ll toast you all during it, and wish you a very Merry Christmas, and the best New Year possible, under the circumstances.

Be Safe, be kind, be honest, and help all that need it, including yourself. Thank you all for accepting me into your life in some small way. You are not forgotten by me.

Right, the beer and whisky are a-calling, and I need to make plans to take over Scotland from the SNiPs (The Scottish National Party), and then the rest of them in the UK, eventually Ireland too, which is mine anyway…

Merry Christmas!