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Black Sails

Feb 24, 2021


The Storyline A so-called “ship’s cook” by the name of John Silver, comes into possession of a piece of paper from the real cook, with information on it that he knows is very important, but not quite sure why? His ship captured by the notorious Pyrate Captain Flint and his crew, Silver hides the piece […]

Zero Fighter by Akira Yoshimura

Nov 19, 2020


The Blurb (from the back of the book) “This techno-history, a genre invented by the author Akira Yoshimura, is the history of the production, and use of, the famous Zero Fighter; the finest dogfighter in the air for much of World War II. Superbly written with an offer eye for detail and to the poignant […]

Where now only poppies sway

Nov 10, 2019


Another year rolls by The screams gone with the passage of time Cries of the dead just whispers in the breeze Where trenches scarred the land, now fields and trees Children fought for the rule of the powerful and rich Their sacrifice just a name on a list Some shot for fear not understood All […]


Nov 11, 2018


My comrades Where art though? On mud mixed with gore I wonder what I fight for? What is freedom but a word Our voices but go unheard My friends cut down in silent screams Nothing is ever what it seems Blame one another if you will Of death and hate I’ve had my fill You […]

To Brexit or not to Brexit, that is the question…

Jun 22, 2016


Tomorrow, I, along with the rest of the UK will go to the polls to either vote to Remain as part of Europe or Leave and go it ‘alone’ in the EU Referendum. As with the Scottish indyref of 2014, one side tells us one thing whilst the other tells us another without being clear […]

A Cruel Fate by Lindsey Davis book review

Jan 13, 2016


The Storyline We start the story with a bookseller getting caught in the middle at the beginning of the English Civil War of 1642-1651, four months after the war started between the Roundheads and Cavaliers. Martin Watts is taken captive for trying to protect books from being burned and ends up in Oxford Castle gaol […]

X Marks the Same Tired Old Thing

May 7, 2015


So, after my first attempt at voting failed I tried again after the working day had finished where I had more time on my hands to stand around dithering until it was my turn to put that ‘X‘ on the flimsy piece of paper. As I queued up thoughts tumbled around my head about the […]

Broken Britain?

Sep 9, 2014


Is Britain and the United Kingdom on the Verge of Splitting? Britain. A land of myth and legend, of war and peace, of invaders and settlers. It has the fastest growing language in the world and has spread its influence almost everywhere through culture and language. Famous writers include Shakespeare,Rabbie Burns, and Dylan Thomas, to […]

St. George, the Dragon and Patriotism

Apr 23, 2014


Saint George‘s Day, a day when England shows its pride in being English and everything England. The day always brings a smile to my face every year at all the so-called patriotism of those people who ‘celebrate’ this day and the irony of it all. The same goes for St Patrick and Ireland as he […]

The Ghost Hunters by Neil Spring

Mar 5, 2014


I was sixteen years old when I first heard about Borley Rectory and Harry Price. A work colleague and very good friend of mine still today had the same interest in the supernatural as I had and he told me about the hauntings and all that went on at that house. We had planned to […]