Posted on Nov 19, 2020


The Storyline

Star Trek: Picard courtesy of imdb.com

Admiral Jean-Luc Picard, former Captain of the Starship Enterprise, and now retired on his estate in France, is asked for help by a young woman who is not all that she seems and reminds him of someone very dear to him.

Defying orders from Starfleet, and his doctor, he tries to help uncover her past, but is thwarted at every turn, and ultimately fails, until he meets her twin sister…

With the help of friends old and new, Picard races through space to fight against corruption, fear, and much more besides, ultimately finding answers to his own life and the direction it is taking him.

The Review

Firstly, I’ve been a fan of the Star Trek franchise since a kid, watching the repeats of the original series, growing up with the films of the original cast, and the The Next Generation, DS9, Voyager, and Enterprise. And of course the new series, Discovery.

I sometimes go back to them, but like most things as time passes, they have dated a bit, and I do at times, find myself embarrassed at watching them, and yet they are endearing still. A pocket to the past about a possible future for our species.

So when I heard about Picard, I was not only curious, but concerned a little, for our Sir Patrick isn’t getting any younger sadly, and seems to be working harder than ever.

But I needn’t have worried. Picard is everything I could have hoped for, and much more besides. It is a different beast to what went before it, and boldly goes where none have ventured before.

From its production, and special effects, to its various storylines, it is a thing of beauty. You don’t even need to be a fan of the franchise, even though a few faces from the various incarnations turn up. It has tenuous links to them, but is its own animal.

All the performances are strong, with some quite touching; the emotional parts hitting the spot, especially by Sir Patrick.

I won’t spoil it for you, but an obscure character turns up from Star Trek: The Next Generation, and he and Picard have a moment or two that’s beautiful. There’s many of these though throughout, and I like what they did with it.

I want to say more, but can’t without spoiling it for you, so shall leave it for you to watch, and decide for yourself. Basically it’s a story about a man near the end of his life, wondering what it was all for, and if he’s done right in the world. If he’s left a good legacy. We all wonder similar don’t we? I know I do…

It is definitely worth your time though. Switch on the TV and ENGAGE…

Watch, Relax, Enjoy