The Isle of Lost Hearts

Posted on Oct 3, 2014


Scotland’s Highlands and Islands Courtesy of

Scotland’s Highlands and Islands
Courtesy of

The young man he leaves the city behind
Off to search for something he hopes to find
On a train he sets off for an early start
To find the isle of lost hearts

On the other side of the country a girl waits
For her life to begin, starting to grate
She wonders what she should do at this crossroads
Should she just start over, shed her heavy load?

The young man takes the journey slow
Stopping here and there, where interest shows
Mountains and lochs does he pass by
So much beauty, he stops to admire and cry

The girl is frustrated with the way her life has turned
She feels that she has done all she can and got burned
All she wants is a small piece of happiness to find
But in her smoky city this she can’t see, she’s blind

The man decides to stop off for a few days
In a small town where the sun has shone its rays
Surrounded by huge mountains rising high to the heavens
Like guardians of the highlands these beings sentient

A few days later the girl has had enough
She packs her bags, leaves her room and stores her stuff
In her car she sets off and heads to the far north
Hoping to find that something she’s been searching for

Sitting in a bar the young man sits happy
Relaxed is he and no longer snappy
A weight off his shoulders has started to fall
As he follows this path, his soul did call

Mountains pass by as she drives northbound
She feels she is climbing high into the clouds
Pulling over to take a break in a cafe to think
Staring out at the scenery before her she drinks

Arriving at the ferry-port, the gateway to the islands
The man boards on his journey now westwards of the highlands
Finally arriving at his isle of lost hearts
He may finally be able to have a fresh new start

The girl arrives at the ferry-port town
Sees it leave, just missed she frowns
Another due in a couple of hours at most
She’ll park and explore the beautiful harbour coast

She finally arrives at the island of choice
Where she hopes to find her voice
But what she finds takes her breath away
The isle of lost hearts has made her day

For a few days later she meets a man
Who left all behind, he had a plan
These to were destined to meet
All mapped out, it was their fate

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