Time Wished Away

Posted on Oct 3, 2014


Halloween Pumpkin

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October is a month I do love and dread
Halloween and birthdays so many a head
Then days later there is Guy Fawkes night
Fireworks go bang, giving cats and dogs a fright

Shops and television advertise Christmas early
Money go in, money goes out listening to the blarney
October till January the fastest of the year
It’s a haze of madness, merriment and cheer

The silly season is crazy enough as we fight our way
In the shops and on the streets to spend our well earned pay
But it’s only mid October so give it a rest please
Stop with the hard sell, give us some peace

There’s time enough for you to sell us your wares
Give us a break, let us get Halloween out of our hair
As we have Bonfire night, money up in smoke
Our pockets and our banks accounts by then are broke

That leaves us most of November to save up for Christmas
Where we’ll brave the streets and the seasons madness
So stop with this time wished away every year
It passes fast enough, which some of us do fear

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