Doctor Who: The Caretaker Review

Posted on Oct 1, 2014


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Doctor Who: The Caretaker
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This episode is set in Coal hill school where it all started fifty-one years ago and revolves around the Doctor going ‘undercover’ in an attempt to trace an alien life-form before it causes any damage to the population of the school and beyond. The Doctor is comically brilliant as the caretaker at the school and won’t tell Clara what he’s up to.

He mentions River Song briefly in this episode, leaving us hoping for her return at some point soon. She’s too good not to come back and would silence those that want a female Doctor.

Whilst the Doctor is trying to keep Clara at arms length a Robot alien kills a policeman who is searching for truant kids who should be at school.

Back at the school, the Doctor thinks she’s dating a teacher who resembles Matt Smiths incarnation and is pleasantly pleased with her choice, not realising it’s Danny Pink. He also invents something that makes him invisible to everyone and everything including the alien.
Danny Pink finds technology the Doctor hides to help him find the Robot and pulls them away, trying to find out what they are for, knowing they are something to do with the new Caretaker.

Whilst the Doctor is battling the Robot with Clara, Danny Pink stumbles in about to ask him what he’s up to only to see for himself first-hand what is happening.
Danny Pinks first meeting with the Doctor gets off to a confused start, thinking him the father of Clara briefly, little realising who he is, that he’s already met him as a child.

The Doctor and Clara tell him who they are and what they do and Danny is shocked. He gets petulant and a little jealous with Clara afterwards of her relationship with the Doctor. The Doctor isn’t too keen on him either and they both divide her emotionally, almost forcing her to choose between the two.

The alien reappears during parents evening and Danny tries to help even though the Doctor tells him to keep away.

He does help in a split second way and the Doctor grudgingly acknowledges his small part in their mission but admits he has a lot to do in his eyes before he will accept him as a part of Clara’s life. Danny Pink also tells Clara that he will leave her if the Doctor takes advantage of her in any way and Clara is once again torn between the man she loves and the man she holds above all else in her life.

The Doctor takes a child from the school for a trip to space in the Tardis to dispose of the defeated robot whereupon she gets sick and throws up in his Tardis.

Doctor Who - The Caretaker by Stuart Manning

Doctor Who – The Caretaker by Stuart Manning
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Meanwhile, the policeman who was killed wakes to find he is being interviewed by a man who tells him he is in paradise or whatever he wants to call it and the mysterious woman appears briefly, looks at him and walks away.

The episode was written by Gareth Roberts and Steven Moffat and directed by Paul Murphy and whilst it wasn’t the strongest episode of the series so far, it had its moments and was more of a vehicle for Danny Pink and his blossoming relationship with Clara with his character resembling the previous character of Mickey with his insecurities and tantrums and going by that you get the feeling it will go a similar way.

Next weeks episode will be a struggle to watch as it is full of huge spiders so it will be a proper hide-behind-the-sofa episode for me, or not just in case there are some hiding there too!

This series is speeding by and is now halfway through and I feel twelve episodes are too short for a season but the yearly Christmas episode is at least something to look forwards to after this season ends in six weeks.