Sail Away

Posted on Oct 11, 2014


Lone sail boat - Linsy Lea sailing courtesy of

Lone sail boat – Linsy Lea sailing courtesy of

The sun beats down
on a quiet beach
As gulls call and
the sea does beseech
A lone woman and her
dog walk on by
As the gulls continue
their shrill cry

A man watches in
the calm alone
At peace here but
never at home
Everything makes sense
by the sea
He feels renewed in
his beliefs

And then he sees them
sail on by
In the distance as if
part of the sky
Closer they come,
their sails proud
Gliding silently across
the sound

Oh how he wishes to
own a yacht
To sail away from this
life and be shot
Crossing seas he’s
never been
Visiting lands he’s
never seen

Small islands with
white sands
Barely touched if ever
by human hands
Staying there for
days on end
Not for him city life

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