All Thatched Out

Posted on Apr 12, 2013


Before you dance on the grave of an enemy, know them first inside out and above all; show them respect. Be better than them and rise above what they were and stood for.

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These words rang in my mind when ex Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher died on Monday 8th April from a stroke. Now I am not particularly political and don’t pretend to understand fully all that goes on in the world of these dangerous game with our lives that they play. Indeed I support no party anymore for all are just as bad, if not worse than each other. I trust none of them now and most of the country I think feels the same hence a hung parliament and coalition with the Conservatives and so-called liberals.

So it was with no feeling whatsoever when Maggie Thatcher, also know as the Iron Lady died this week at the ripe old age of 87. She had been suffering with ill-health for a while now and was rumoured to be alone and sometimes confused. Now take away who she was and what she stood for and did and what are you left with? Just an old stern lady who many would have come across similar too in the guise of a teacher or neighbour; and one that was left alone, shut away from everything and almost everyone that she knew and loved, yes I said that last word right, loved, for she did indeed and was capable of it contrary to what me and most of the country believed.

I felt no hate or glee in her death or any joy whatsoever. I felt nothing.
She had done nothing to me personally or directly but her policies did make things harder for my family and thousands of families across the country of which many are still struggling to come to terms with thirty-four years after she got into power.
What do I remember of her as a child growing up in the UK when she cast her shadow over us all? A lot is what I remember. The Miner’s strike and endless riots; Brixton and Toxteth to name but two, the Pit closures, high unemployment and the queue’s for the jobcentre with nothing to go around. High food prices for poor wages I seem to remember people saying. She also sided with a dictator in Pinochet and inflamed the Irish, herself escaping and IRA attack in beautiful Brighton.

The Irish hated her just as much as we did. if not more comparing her to Cromwell and the Queen although on the latter they are completely wrong on all counts for she has not and has never been responsible for any of Ireland’s troubles. This is just propaganda and bad education. I can understand Cromwell and Thatcher though for both caused more damage in their ‘reign’ than most, Cromwell regretting what he did too late and paying the price in the end. The hate is still there today and I could write a lot about that and how wrong the belief is in what has been going on between our two countries over the centuries but I’ll leave that for another time.

Then there was the Falklands War and the Right-to-Buy your property as a council tenant, the latter of which fuelled the greed of the rich and those able to afford to buy their homes and helped destroy communities across the land where once people lived and worked together, they were replaced by the dreaded holiday home that for three-quarters of the year stay empty and unloved. Cornwall and Wales suffered a lot through this but in truth nowhere was saved from something that should have been good becoming bad. A lot of places relied on tourism to get money in.
As for the Falklands War, I think it was the only truly good thing she did at the time although many on both sides paid with their lives and horrendous injuries; some mental from the horrors that they saw.

Brixton Riots of '81 courtesy of

Brixton Riots of ’81 courtesy of

Any of this sound familiar? Nothing changes does it? It’s the same story today with different people writing it and different players in the parts.

They were interesting and bad times but also good times. Do I blame her for the way my life has turned out? Of course not for my life could be whatever it wanted to be if only I took my head out of the sand when I was a kid. My life isn’t perfect but I have a roof over my head, I eat okay and I have family and friends that I love dearly and Thatcher played no part in that whatsoever. Yes she divided the country and tore it apart and the fallout is still there but she’s gone now. I always knew that when she died there would be parties and people celebrating her demise but to me she died not knowing truly the damage she did to so may out there and the families she indirectly destroyed.

When I saw on the news and in the newspapers people dancing on pictures of her and drinking to her death I shook my head sideways, a little ashamed of being ‘British’ and thinking that those people, some of whom weren’t even born when she was in power, celebrated and laughed at her death. I knew that if people did this then she had won against those that reviled her and they were weakened for it because in the end we all die. She now has a state funeral in all but name with now very high security which I think is stupid. She should have had a very quiet affair hidden away from the public but it is too late now as the funeral and procession will be Wednesday 17th April at St. Paul’s Cathedral attended by a packed out crowd of invited guests. The Queen is attending whether she liked her or not is another story but I suppose she has to attend anyway for it is part of her job. When the Queen dies it will obviously be a different affair and nothing like we are seeing this week and next. It will be the uneducated and the ignorant who know little of what she is and who she is that will show her disrespect. I’m no Royalist as such but they do nothing to me, are good for the UK and generally keep themselves to themselves as they are not allowed to interfere in the policies of the government although Prince Charles I can tell wants to.

Maybe it is not such a bad idea as our present and previous governments are not doing us any good. Maybe it is time for a new power but that will be far off into the distant future I guess and god forbid we do not become a republic and have a president for we will be like America, my beloved Ireland and many others; lost countries trying to find themselves, of who they once were and should be and an elusive identity full of anger and resentment; blaming everything on others and not themselves.

The newspapers, especially the Daily Mail have been horrendous at not seeing both sides of the story and show that they are not professional in their writing of unbiased reporting. I have decided not to read them for a while until this has died down. Thatcher has died and nothing has changed for life goes on. Whatever damage or crimes she has done to the people or what they feel she has done then I am sure that she will be paying for it now in death if you believe in that sort of thing.

And so to my first line from which I shall leave you with:

Before you dance on the grave of an enemy, know them first inside out and above all; show them respect. Be better than them and rise above what they were and stood for.