Dawn’s First Light

Posted on Oct 11, 2014


The Trident Hotel in my beloved Kinsale set me a challenge to write a poem to match the picture below. Visit John Collins photography here and please visit the wonderful Trident Hotel and Kinsale as soon as possible. You will not regret it.

Kinsale in Dawn's Light by John Collins Photography

Kinsale in Dawn’s Light by John Collins Photography

The mist creeps across the harbour walls
Across the water enveloping all
Tendrils flicker in dawn’s first light
As beautiful Kinsale awakes to a wondrous sight

Ghostly shapes dance this morning
Residents nearby awake, yawning
And wraiths of the past fade away
At the first light of a new day

The D533, rusted and worn
Its battles with the elements long gone
Oh what fishy tales it could tell
Mighty monsters of the deep it did fell

Now just spirits idle by
Days gone by they sadly sigh
Thinking on what once had been
Of glory’s past and all they’d seen

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