Blowing Like A Leaf

Posted on Oct 11, 2014


blowing leaves

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See the man with hands deep
in his pockets
Walking along against the
wind, Has he lost it?
For he mumbles away to
himself, nodding his head
Who can tell nowadays, with
invisible headsets?

But take a closer look at
his clothes
Dirty and dishevelled is he,
people does he coast
For he knows that no-one
cares or really sees
As he lives in a different
world to others he believes

More and more of these
people now do exist
All over the world, I
wonder if they’re missed?
Lost in the system, no-one
probably looks for them
Instead most walk past
them time and time again

Because it’s so hard to help
these people, some too far gone
Lost are they in so many ways,
some did something wrong
Others though have fallen on hard
times and just need a hand
Before it’s too late as they
slip away like grains of sand

The average person who sees these
people are somewhat scared
For being approached by some of
these is like being captured in a lair
So a quick manoeuvre is what it
takes to avoid the beggars
And hope that they don’t get
approached by them, it’s just too regular

For they’re all blowing like
a leaf in the city streets
Gone past, carried by the
breeze, trampled under feet
From the giver and the taker,
the daily joust does continue
Most feel bad about not giving,
but they do to a select few

And everyone blows like
leaves in the wind…

*First published on October 26th 2011

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