Posted on Mar 24, 2013


Kinsale Harbour's boats-a-bobbing taken by the author, Darren Greenidge

Kinsale Harbour’s boats-a-bobbing taken by the author, Darren Greenidge

I walk past the harbour seeing the boats-a-bobbing
On the water gently as my head is throbbing
The pain dissipates as I watch the gulls fly over
The serenity of the sea is a sight that is sober

This harbour town is so peaceful today
The sun it does shine its ray’s
I sit on a bench looking across the water
At the Fort and think of the lost daughter

History tells of a sad loss she had
Told by her father, was ever so bad
She couldn’t bare to be alone
Threw herself off the guards stones

Turned out to be a untruth she was told
So into the sea did she fall, into the cold
Now her ghost haunts the walls of the fort
Looking for her lost love, her life caught short

I see a boat coming in, a fisherman with his catch
He’ll unload that haul, a sleep and shower he’ll snatch
Then off to the Spaniard he’ll go for his pint
Sinking a Beamish or three, he’ll sleep tonight

He may sing a song or three, even play the fiddle-de-de
His friends the guitar, bodhrán and tin whistle, he’ll see
The people of the Spaniard will listen with awe
At the singers and players who they saw

Off to the Tap Tavern to end the night
Where a warm welcome awaits as always as is right
I nurse my drink with friends and strangers here
Their smiles, their talk goes well with my beer

This place so special to me across the four seasons
I am happy to go back whatever the reasons
Small, perfect and magical it is
The town I dream of, the place that I miss

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