Enough is Enough

Posted on Mar 25, 2013


The world is seen through hazy eyes
Lips a-flapping telling lies
Through their Harley Street teeth
The truth always lies underneath

They play the game as a Pro knows how
Leaving all in their wake, sacrificial cows
Guiding us towards god knows what fate
Like a game of chess, they have checkmate

We though the lambs to the slaughter
Our tempers forever getting shorter
Heads hung low, slowly rising to see
What they are doing to you and me

So rise to meet their eye
And hold your head proud and high
Show them you’re no doormat
You’re in control, not the fat cat

Enough is enough is what we all say
You greedy decision makers have had your day
We the people won’t take much more
Stop with your lies tell us the score

Posted in: Poetry