The Slaughter of the Innocent

Posted on Mar 25, 2013


A Sickingly Proud Hunter by

A Sickingly Proud Hunter by

I’ve seen today across the internet
The slaughter of the innocent, the ones we forget
The needless deaths of countless lives
With guns or traps or even knives

But this is not about human life
As they have a choice whether to survive
No, this is about the creatures of the wild
That have the innocence of a human child

Wolves are slaughtered to keep numbers down
But this argument is met with a frown
For keeping them around will do much good
Keeping the environment as it should

The slaughter of baby seals is needless and cruel
Ordered and killed by bureaucratic fools
They batter them to death with clubs
Their cries ring out, the snow runs with blood

Rhino’s are hunted for their horn
Seeing them killed leaves my heart torn
Ivory a trade that should be stopped
From medicine to art that sells in the shops

Whale Hunt courtesy of

Whale Hunt courtesy of

Whales and dolphins are hunted to extremes
It makes me sick the blood that runs in our seas
Again for medicine amongst other things
What good this does, I know not what it brings?

We simply have to stop these cruel barbaric kills
Done for money and cheap unnecessary thrills
The human animal is out of control
Complete obliteration of animals is its goal

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