The Traveller

Posted on Mar 25, 2013


The young man decides he’s had enough in this town
He never belonged anyway, born the clown
There’s a whole world out there to explore
He’ll take a bite out of this earth’s core

Everyone he knows in this miserable old town
Looks at him with disdain and a frown
They, he knows will stay here and wilt
Why should he out of some misguided guilt

He knows that he has to make the break now
To escape the problems of this crazy town
To free himself of everyone’s problems and chaos
His wings will fly finally, waters to cross

He wants to see huge mountainous views
The skies clear in their starry hues
He wishes to see dolphins and whales
At play on gentle seas and not gales

To cross a desert on a camel or horse
Through ancient Egypt a dream of course
Now he can fulfil in a few weeks
Achieving his dreams, climbing those peaks

Another dream he has is to see lions in the wild
This has he had since he was a small child
So much to see and do across the beautiful earth
This he knows will be his rebirth

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