Tap, Tap, Tap

Posted on Mar 26, 2013


 Gothic Tree courtesy of projectavalon.net

Gothic Tree courtesy of projectavalon.net

The boy he goes to bed
On a dark October night
Tries blocking voices in his head
He doesn’t wanna see scary sights

The girl has been told a story
By her dad of ghosts
It was so very scary
The tap, tap, tap scared her the most

They both dive under the sheets
This dark and creepy night
No monsters they wish to meet
Nothing to give them a fright!

Noises from outside alert their senses
Sounds like an owl or maybe a vampyre
The girl grips her crucifix, confesses
The boy prays to something higher

Tap, tap, tap comes the noise
Their hearts beating fast now
Tap, tap, tap hears the girl and boy
Tap, tap, tap, at the window

By now they are both very scared
Too frightened to call for mum and dad
They dive further under their beds
Something’s tapping that’s very bad

Gothic Tree and Raven courtesy of www.etsy.com

Gothic Tree and Raven courtesy of http://www.etsy.com

A shadow falls over the boy’s window
looks like a skeleton, he screams
The light gives it an eerie glow
But it isn’t as it seems

The girl sees a shape move in her room
She calls out for her Mum
But all isn’t as she sees, calls to soon
She just wants to see the sun

The boy saw only a branch from the tree
Scraping against the window glass
The girl saw a moths silhouette trying to break free
Illuminated by the street lights, its shadow cast

Her tapping noise was just her blinds cord
Blowing against the glass
Their imaginations highlighted in night-time’s call
They hope the night will pass

Their parents calm their nerves
Sound to sleep they fall
But in their dreams, shadows serve
To fuel imagination’s call…

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