Under Another Moon

Posted on Mar 26, 2013


She walks through this town, home a while now
The night has drawn in, stars twinkle in the sky
The streets quiet as people sleep, a cat meow’s
But she longs to be under a different moon, she sighs

She bores easily of the same old thing
And longs to be free and elsewhere
Hating the same old routine
Life for her isn’t fair

She just wishes she was in another time
Where money wasn’t the king
So she could do as she wished and climb
To do all and anything

She dreams of magick and faraway princes
Who would rescue her from this dull existence
Where she could be free to ride horses
And live a life of more substance

But the fairytale dream is just that
The reality to her is harder to achieve
Just a dream almost swept under the doormat
She hopes though someday for a reprieve

Just to sleep under a different moon
Would be what her soul needs
So her life could sing a different tune
Her spirit would be free to feed

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